The Importance Of Education In Building A Long Term Career In The Modern World

Statistics about the disparity in income are bleaker than ever, and college costs continue to rise at many universities and colleges. But there is also no question that education does result in higher earning power during a person’s lifespan, despite the fact that it is harder than ever to break into a higher class.

The problem with statistics is, they do not mean anything on an individual level. If you do not have any higher education, it does mean something. There are two major factors that should be considered when anyone looks at education.

• The cost of your degree

• The earning potential of your degree

• The ability to retain your job in a world market

The first two items are somewhat related – if you spend $150,000 on a history degree (which is very possible) it may not be worthwhile. Likewise, some degrees do not teach specific skills, or they teach skills which can be outsourced, leading to a degradation in wages throughout the industry – this is one of the reasons why the median income is dropping, because jobs like computer programming can now be done overseas as easily as it is in America at a much lower rate of pay.

The Importance Of Education In Building A Long Term Career In The Modern World

So, the trick is to choose a degree which will increase your personal earning potential, in a field of employment which is in demand, and which cannot be outsourced to overseas suppliers. The good news is, there are plenty of opportunities that fit into these categories.

• HVAC/Refrigeration Systems

This is a field which is not going anywhere; air conditioning and heating systems as well as refrigeration systems are part of modern life, and these systems are essential to many other industries, from hi-tech fields like advanced computer and bio-medical facilities to areas much more mundane such as the grocery and food transportation fields.

• The Medical Field

The medical field offers many opportunities that fit these criteria as well, and as the baby boomers continue to move into the higher age brackets it is a field that will be facing an actual shortage of workers. There are also many opportunities in this field which offer excellent earning potential, and which do not require advanced degrees. These involve careers in medical billing and other medical office work, dental hygienists and medical assistants, and various therapy related field.

• Industrial Technology

Another employment area which offers good pay and benefits is in Industrial Technology, which is the maintenance, set up and repair of physical systems used in manufacturing. These include hydraulic systems, power transmission components, programmable logic controllers, fluid power systems and other systems which are essential for many physical processes.

As with HVAC and careers in the medical field, this type of job cannot be shipped overseas, and despite what people think American is still one of the top manufacturers in the world.

Another advantage of many of these educational opportunities is that certifications can often be obtained in a fairly short period of time, often a year or less, and the cost of the degrees is extremely low when compared to a 4 year degree from a standard college.

Education can be a powerful tool for increasing your personal earning potential, and junior colleges, technical colleges and community colleges including your local Ontario, California College offer many career opportunities that can ensure a better life for you and your family.

Education is very important in increasing your earning potential and building a long term career. Contact your local Ontario, California College to see the fields of education available that will be seeing growth in the coming years.

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