The Increasing Credibility Of An Online MBA

Earning an MBA used to be anything but convenient: with the average MBA graduate being in his or her early thirties, according to BusinessWeek, it’s fair to say that many traditional students were forced to complete campus studies while juggling a career. This likely made earning an MBA a challenge; sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to commute to a university and attend classes.

Fortunately, earning an MBA no longer has to be done in person; with the magic of the internet, students can earn an MBA online while working full time. This opens the door to many possibilities, allowing students to earn a living and simultaneously further their career and education.

 The Increasing Credibility Of An Online MBA

The Reasons for an MBA

An MBA is more than a notch in the proverbial educational belt; it is a degree that can enhance your professional career in many ways. The Deseret News reports that a recent study conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council found that 86 percent of 2011 MBA graduates were employed after graduation; 93 percent of these graduates procured jobs they were looking for. MBA graduates are highly sought after by employers, giving those who have an MBA the power to choose the jobs they really want.

An MBA can also increase your salary. According to the Atlantic Journal-Constitution, new MBA graduates earn 50 percent more on average after receiving their diploma. To put it numerically, a person who earns a salary of $75,000 can typically expect to earn over six figures after obtaining a degree. Some of the titles that a person can procure with an MBA are marketing director, financial analyst, CEO, CFO, sales manager, and accountant.

Finally, an MBA can add to career advancement and job security. (When times are tough, the least educated are often hit the hardest.)

Why an Online MBA

In the simplest terms, an online degree offers convenience, flexibility, and the ability for students to better manage their time. Rather than commuting to a campus and taking classes at set times, online programs provide students with the ability to log on when it is convenient for them: on their lunch hour, on the weekends, or evenings after work. These are essential traits for people who lead full lives.

Even with the online concept, earning an MBA through the Internet still allows for student interaction, one-on-one teacher attention, and community camaraderie.

The Legitimacy of an Online MBA

In the past, online degrees came with a sort of stigma, but this is no longer the case. According to CNN, employers are becoming increasingly familiar with online degree programs. Online programs are also gaining respect: 83 percent of executives surveyed said that an online degree was as credible as one earned through a traditional program.

Rather than concerning themselves with how a degree was obtained, employers consider the accreditation of the university, the GPA or academic performance of the applicant, the quality of graduates from the college at hand, and, per BusinessWeek, how the student has performed or continues to perform in group interactions, real life scenarios, and group projects.

All of this adds up to one conclusion: online MBA programs are acceptable and viable options for those who want to advance their career.

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