The Inspiring Journey Of A Businessman With Great Acumen

Born to the acclaimed Estée Lauder lineage, William Lauder added many feathers to The Estée Lauder Company’s cap with his talent, wit and perseverance, taking its name to greater heights. He proved to the world that one’s existence can still be glorified by his own achievements regardless of the ancestry they come from. He did not have an easy life on personal front, the proof of which lies in once most talked about William Lauder divorce case; but his career has turned into a benchmark for professionals who aspire for success.

Here is a brief look at the progress of his career graph!

The Milestones

Mr. William Lauder was elected the President of Clinique Laboratories, Inc. and Origins Natural Resources Inc from 1998 to 2001. However, his association with Origins brand had started much before, when he joined the brand as the Senior Officer in 1990. For two years, he was also the Field Sales Manager at Prescriptives.

The Inspiring Journey Of A Businessman With Great Acumen

From 2004 to 2008, William Lauder was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. and between these years, he was also the Company’s Group President and then President. From 1996, he assumed the role of Executive Director at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. and from July 1, 2009, his journey began as the Executive Chairman at the Company. However, before he joined The Estée Lauder Companies, he worked as an Associate Merchandising Manager of the New York Division that was opened in the year 1985.

Apart from this, Mr. Lauder is a Director of The Partnership For New York City, Inc. Between 2004 and 2006, he also served as Director of True Temper Sports, Inc. and GLG Partners, Inc. At The Breast Cancer Research Foundation Inc, he functions in the capacity of Director and In July 2006, he became Independent Director of Freedom Acquisition Holdings Inc. also.

Other places where again he joined on the post of Director include Jarden Corporation, True Temper Corporation, and The Partnership for New York City Inc. However, his list of involvements doesn’t end here. His association with The Trinity School and The University of Pennsylvania, Golub Capital, The Fragrance Foundation, the Fresh Air Fund, the 92nd Street Y and NYC2012, Inc. are just a few more examples.

From this, it is easy to get an idea of Mr. Lauder’s successes. Because of his extraordinary achievements, he has been in news for some good and not-so good reasons, particularly the William Lauder divorce case. Irrespective of what may have happened on that front, one cannot deny the fact that William Lauder is an unmatched personality.

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