The New BMW X5 Has Arrived

The New BMW X5 Has Arrived

BMW X5, the founder of SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) segments and the holder of the title of the most sold car in its class with over 1.3 million sold units from the launch of its first generation, is entering a new chapter in its successful history.

With the third generation of the X5 model BMW again sets the standard for powerful design, internal spaciousness and luxury, adaptability, driving pleasure, efficiency and innovative equipment.

The new BMW X5 offers buyers a safe “all-around” equipment package that can satisfy the most diverse needs. The characteristic evolution of design on the body compared to the previous model, the powerful front end with double round headlights that flow into the mask of the cooler, an elegant long silhouette, an attractive side line above the athletic fenders, horizontal lines and tight surfaces of the back end; features that improve aerodynamics are well integrated in the general design.

With more space for individualization, owners can choose the new Design Pure Experience or the Design Pure Excellence pack, as well as the M Sport pack. The inside and outside of this vehicle can be ordered in almost any combination. The new BMW X5 offers a high seating position, a low placed instrument board with horizontal lines that stretch to the doors, improved adaptability of the interior thanks to the 40:20:40 ratio of the back seats, the trunk capacity of 650-1870 liters, automatic trunk handling as a part of the standard equipment pack, a washable trunk that can be opened or closed using a remote and from the drivers seat, as well comfortable back seats and an added third row that are possible as options.

You have the following Engine Variants available:

  • BMW X5 xDrive50i with the new generation of V8 engine (330kW/450BHP)
  • BMW X5 xDrive30d with a revised six cylinder inline engine (190kW/258BHP)
  • BMW X5 M50d M vehicle with a three-turbo six cylinder inline engine (280kW/381BHP)

From December 2013 BMW X5 xDrive40d, BMW X5 xDrive35i, BMW X5 xDrive25d and BMW X5 sDrive25d (with a minimal CO2 emission of 149g/km).

The New BMW X5 Has Arrived

BMW EfficientDynamics

BMW EfficientDynamics technology allows all variants of SAV vehicles to combine increased performances with decreased fuel consumption and CO2 emission. Increasing efficiency compared to the previous model is achieved with a number of measures including a technique of making intelligent light bodies and aerodynamic optimization.


The design is remarkably and modernly improved on the new BMW X5 model. The proportions of the third generation SAV are again redefined with a short front overhang, wide wheelbase, an upright A frame and a short distance between the axle and the instrument board. Especially, the design of the cooler is very strong – placed inside a triangle of double circular headlights and fog lights – and the contours of the bumper in the shape of the letter X mark it as a member of the X family.

The new model BMW X5 has an especially wide cooler mask that stretches from the front headlights, while the recognizable BMW double circular headlights stretch to the sides of the car. The ringlike headlights are aligned and their top edge is overlapped with LED lights. The front LED fog lights, as well as the adaptive LED front lights are an optional part of the equipment. The new BMW X5 xDrive50i as well as the BMW X5 M50d come with xenon lights as standard equipment.

The front bumper, with side air intakes placed to the outer edges, attracts attention and gives a symbolic attitude to the BMW X5 model. The front intakes are also new in this model. These vertical openings lead the air to the arches of the wheels where an air curtain is created after which the air goes out through the side air vent.

The side design of this model clearly accents the sporty agility and power. Precisely drawn lines rise to the back part and create a nail-like shape that oozes movement and dynamics. The achieved light effects and shadows even more accent the athletic look and agility of this SAV. This model of BMW is durable and strong as some legendary models in other classes (such as the Toyota Hilux).

BMW X5 Interior

The interior of the new BMW X5 model is elegant and very spacious. The horizontal structure of the layered surfaces accents the width of the instrument board, and with that the impressive amount of available space. The three dimensional design of the surfaces also creates lively contrasts. The inner lighting includes a package of lighting that accents the uniqueness of the instrument board and the doors. Blue, white or yellow lights can be chosen or you can chose them individually, or in one of the 9 premade combinations, through the iDrive system. The inner materials chosen for the BMW X5 also play an important part in creating an exclusive ambiance.

The independent control display, up to 10.25 inches, is connected to the built in iDrive system. The display for controlling the AC and venting systems, and as an option the instrument board – use Black panel technology.

The new BMW X5 is made in BMW Spartanburg factory in the USA. This factory in South Carolina is the main supervising center for BMW X models and the manufacturing center for the BMW X6 and BMW X3 models – and it will become the supplier of the future X4 models for the whole world.

The new BMW X5 model represents the true leader in its class, that sets the standards in all segments of automotive performances and opens the next chapter in automotive industry by raising the bar of quality to heights that are difficult to reach.

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