The Popularity Of Bush Dance In Melbourne

The Popularity Of Bush Dance In Melbourne

Bush dance is type of traditional dance unique in style. The dance owes its origin in Australia. As the name suggests the dance is accompanied by a specific type of music called bush music. The music is played by a bush band. This dance is popular and widely practiced as traditional folk dance in the UK, central Europe and Ireland.

Eras Of Bush Dance In Australia

It became popular earlier during the time of 1770–1850 in the European countries   .
Gold rush became popular during the period 1850 to 1860. The miners brought these dances from Europe.  Some of them came from America from their American gold rush.
Pastoral period has earned its popularity during 1860–1950 as rural woolshed balls and dances in local halls.
Revival became popular 1950–1960 among enthusiasts and collectors. They used to perform dances excessively at that time.
This dance has now become popular in many social clubs. It draws its origin from Bush Balls 1970–1980.
Now this bush dance is highly popular in Australia. Bush dance music in Melbourne has its worldwide popularity for the well accompaniment of this type of dance.
The Popularity Of Bush Dance In Melbourne

Dance Styles

Bush dance –It being one of the highly popular and traditional form dances has its distinctive style. It puts less emphasis on complex foot work and fast moment of legs. It lays more stress about placing right foot at right time. Dress codes are normal and relaxed. Even to the untainted, the bush dance prompts them to shake a leg or two.
Colonial dance – the main concern of this dance is to maintain correct foot work. Many of the dances are unique to Australia. Dress codes usually are normal costume. It is taken as the best Australian bush dance.

Dance Formations

The dance is usually danced in group formed by a good number of dances. The group size can be big and small depending on number of the people. .

Big Circle Dances

Anyone can take part in this dance irrespective of men, women, old or child. It practiced in a circle or a horse shoe.

Closed-Couples Dances

Men and women take part in it in a ballroom or in open space by holding one another and moving around the room.

Longways Sets

As the name suggests, it is a logway set consisting of 3 to 8 couples. They perform the dance standing in two lines. Most interestingly ladies face the band and men face the ladies.


The music that accompanies the dance is mostly traditional in from. It owes origin from the UK, USA and Irish. They know various form and the variations of most of the tunes. The popular Rhythms bush dance includes are   Jig, Reel, Waltz, , March and Hornpipe
Author Bio: Alice Aires is a traditional flock dancer in Australia. She has her own brand. She writes article on Bush dance music in Melbourne and Best Australian bush dance.

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