The Positive Sides Of Regular Career Changes

In the current uncertain economic times, people change jobs frequently, often moving to a completely new career. As this becomes commonplace, it is increasingly acceptable to have a wide range of positions listed on your CV, meaning there’s no reason to stay in a career that does not fulfil you, does not play to your strengths or simply isn’t available any more.
Although change can seem daunting, there are many positives to be gained from switching career path. When you begin a new role, everything seems fresh and exciting. After a while, the negative aspects start to grate, making it hard to retain the passion and focus you once had. Making the move to a new environment helps bring back that drive and keeps you motivated.
It might not be a sensible idea to constantly switch jobs for spurious reasons, but if you are making a change to keep yourself hungry for bigger and better challenges, it can be one of the best decisions you ever make.

The Positive Sides Of Regular Career Changes

Maybe you’ve never felt particularly invested in your career, a sure sign that you’re in the wrong field. Consulting a career coach can help you find the best fit for your strengths and abilities; however, for some people, the only sure way to discover their passion is by doing and for these types, regular career changes to find their niche is essential.
We live in a world of change, thanks to advances in technology and constant corporate restructuring. In such a quickly shifting environment, those with a proven record of being able to adapt will stand out to prospective employers as more appealing than those who cling to old ways of working.
Such employees tend to have a number of traits which are attractive in the workplace. These include self confidence – the knowledge that you can tackle any challenge; perseverance – anyone who’s made the leap to a brand new arena will have had to deal with a number of setbacks but persisted until they reached their goal; enthusiasm – somebody new brings with them fresh ideas and approaches; and flexibility – constant change brings with it the ability to adapt to any situation.
Regardless of your work history, if you are able to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and drive, you’ll be able to break into new, interesting fields whenever you like, even if you have no prior experience.
Simon Appleton is CEO at Workcircle.

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