The Pros and Cons Of Manual and Automatic Transmission

The Pros and Cons Of Manual and Automatic Transmission

There’s an ongoing debate whether manual or automatic transmission is a better choice for drivers. Most old school drivers would say that manual transmission is the better option, while most technology optimists and younger drivers would go for the automatic transmission. We can’t claim with certainty which one is better and which suits your driving style more, so for that reason we’ve conducted a list of arguments on the both sides so you can make a decision according to your own criteria.

The Pros and Cons Of Manual and Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission has been replacing their manual ancestors over the past decade. Motorists choose them because of the following reasons.

  • Easier to manoeuvre

Automatics are much easier to use and can really simplify the process of driving especially for inexperienced drivers. Automatics also give you the possibility to have both of your hands on the steering wheel, which makes motorists feel safer and react quickly in navigational emergencies.

  • Stalling is less common

Stalling isn’t a problem for drivers with automatic transmission since it most commonly occurs when the driver releases the clutch too suddenly or when the driver forgets to release the clutch on time. Stalling is not very dangerous, but it can be embarrassing and slow you down. It’s also bad for your fuel economy because sudden engine stopping exhaust the engine and the battery as well.

Manual Transmissions

You’d sometimes hear motorists say that a real driver drives a vehicle with manual transmission. Here are the reasons why some drivers still prefer the automatic’s ancestor.

  • It’s less expensive to purchase and it costs less to service a car

Manual transmission costs about a thousand pounds less than its automatic version. This is due to the fact that manual transmission is an older technology and it’s cheaper to produce. The same reason goes with servicing; manual transmission repairs are much cheaper than those of automatic transmission vehicles since they have less complex parts.

  • It’s better for the fuel mileage

Manuals are lighter, less complex and have more gears than automatics do. Because of this you’re getting a better fuel mileage than you would with an automatic transmission engine. You can save from 5% all the way up to 15% on gas costs by driving a manual transmission engine.

  • A better driver’s control

On the topic of gear shifting, manual transmission vehicles leave the final decision to the driver, whilst automatics have been designed in such a way to choose the best gear for the given conditions. Sometimes automatics shift to too high which wastes engine power and spends more fuel. For this reason manuals are still better in the hands of experienced drivers.

The most reasonable way to make a decision between manual transmission and automatic transmission is according to your driving habits and lifestyle. Manuals are less expensive and give you more control, while automatics are aimed to provide more comfort for the driver. However is best not to switch the type of transmission on your next purchase without a test drive.

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