The Scope and Possibilities For Medical Office Administration

If you have been planning to pursue your studies in Medical Office Administration and have certain concerns, here is a quick overview of the program.

This Program should be your choice if you look forward to build a career in the healthcare services without having to practice the clinic related tasks. The program provides you with the basic knowledge of the health related subjects along with detailed knowledge on how to deal with the healthcare office management and patient records.

The Scope and Possibilities For Medical Office Administration

Program Duration

It extends to duration of 24 months and four semesters. The program is pursuable as regular as well as distance based study designed accordingly for your convenience.

Course Outline

The medical office administration program has been carefully constructed with all the necessary courses. The 2 years diploma comprises of 28 courses emphasizing mainly on the office administration and secretarial related subjects. Key courses offered in the program are:

  • Computer Skills and Applications
  • Technology and Information
  • Business and Financial Management
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology (Overview and Terminologies)
  • The Clinical Environment
  • Medical Transcription
  • Business Communication

The aforementioned subjects with a little difference in some institutes are taught in a set of variations and combinations to enable you understand and correlate the knowledge in the professional level.

Program Fees

The two year professional program is currently being offered in different institutes with the total course fee ranging between $2000 to $3500 depending on the curriculum, mode of study and facilities provided. Some institutions also provide flexibility in the payment schedule as well as financial aids to the deserving candidates.

The Scope

Once you have successfully graduated the Program, you are open to a vast paradigm of opportunities. You can become a key contributor in the healthcare services by working as an office administrator to a multinational pharmaceutical company or as the medical office secretary to a chain of hospitals and many other key medical roles; the possibilities are endless. However, it also depends on your expertise and inclination towards learning the right things.

A Brief Description of Skills gained by the Program

The comprehensive Medical Office Administration Program emphasizes on developing and polishing the office administration skills to empower you in performing at the best of your potential. Some major skills that you could attain from the program include:

  • Direct Patient Interaction

(Includes handling patient’s general queries and certain healthcare concerns)

  • Clerical and Office Administration tasks

(Data entry, data collection)

  • Calendar Management, organizing meetings and answering phone calls

(Includes scheduling appointments/meetings and related arrangements)

  • Updating and Managing patient records in the Medical Office

(Record filing, timely update and availability of material)

Multitudes of colleges are offering medical office administration course, but there are a few which are among the best. Keeping in view the significance of healthcare services and the scarcity of related professionals, Anthem College has strived in providing quality education and training to those of you who aim to serve the cause and thus provides quality education services supported by a flexible financial plan.

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