The Surprising Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

You know that weirdly satisfying feeling you got when for whatever the reason you decided to sleep in your birthday suit last night? Well, apparently there’s quite a lot more to it than you may have been aware of. There will always be those who swear by all manner of different garments for sleeping while others like nothing more than stripping naked and sleeping in the outfit they were born in. But what’s interesting is that while personal opinion varies enormously, there’s plenty of scientific evidence to suggest that sleeping naked comes with a whole host of health benefits not to be ignored.

Thought you were in the minority by sleeping naked? Indeed, you are, as surveys have suggested that no more than about 10% of adults sleep without some kind of clothing. So if you’re the type that loves nothing more than the idea of diving into lavish upholstered beds ‘sans jammies’ it appears you are something of a rare breed.  And not only rare breed, but a rare breed soaking up some quite delightful health benefits.

The Surprising Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Here is a quick look at what science has told us about the benefits of sleeping naked:

Fountain of Youth

Best of all, studies carried out a few years ago brought to light evidence that the way in which sleeping naked results in a cool body temperature throughout the night stimulates the release of melatonin – aka the anti-aging hormone. This is a hormone that is known to have strong links with the regeneration and preservation of hair and skin and is also a hormone which is most effective at lower temperatures. As such, to sleep naked could help you hold onto your youthful looks that little bit longer.


For those who sleep naked with a partner or prefer to go to bed without pyjamas, oxytocin levels within the body are known to increase when skin to skin contact occurs. Also referred to as the “love hormone”, oxytocin is something of an all-round feel-good hormone the likes of which can reduce stress, increase happiness and even play a part in boosting an individual’s libido.

Better Sleep

Various studies carried out all over the world have produced pretty conclusive evidence with regard to the way in which body temperature affects quality of sleep.  By carrying out tests of human subjects provided with items of clothing designed to increase temperature and measured their body temperatures to specific levels, it was determined that to sleep naked and to allow the body to regulate its own temperature was and is to encourage better sleep in general. And as better sleep makes you a healthier and happier person in every respect, is can hardly be a bad thing.

More Stress-Busting

Back to the subject of stress-busting, those whose sleep patterns suffer due to unideal body temperature control have also been found to have higher levels of the so-called stress hormone in their bodies – aka cortisol. Cortisol levels in the blood can have a marked effect not only on general health and wellbeing, but sleep cycles in general – often leading to a rather unfortunate cycle.

Watch Your Weight

Interestingly, a lack of quality sleep caused by poor body temperature control has also been linked with the release of hormones associated with hunger and the craving of comfort foods. It’s basically the body’s way of subconsciously telling you that it wants something unhealthy for a quick energy fix as it didn’t get the opportunity to replenish its energy reserves though healthy sleep. As such, while some might consider it something of an indirect benefit, sleeping naked and properly maintaining overnight body temperature can work wonders for weight watchers.

Enjoy Your Bedding

Ask yourself this – what’s the point in investing in the most outstandingly gorgeous brushed cotton linen if you insist on wearing a head to toe coating of much cheaper cotton in the form of your pyjamas? Whichever way you look at it, the very best way of getting the most out of the bedding you buy is to give it a chance to get up close and personal with your skin, head to toe.

Save Money

Last but not least, admittedly it isn’t in any way a health benefit…unless of course we’re talking a sense of satisfaction…but to eliminate bedtime clothing altogether is to eliminate the expense of bedtime clothing and to significantly cut down on laundry demands. And the more money you save on the pyjamas and nightwear you no longer wear, the more you’ll have to spend on sublime bedding for the best night’s sleep of your life…every night.

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