The Ten Most Valuable College Majors

The Ten Most Valuable College MajorsWith the rising tuition costs and a rapidly changing job market, a student’s college major can determine his or her future career success, for the right one can set a student up for high earnings while the wrong one can sink a student into debt.
According to research, 69 percent of managers agree that relevant coursework from an accredited university is important when considering job candidates. While a student does not necessarily have to attend a top-20 school to find a successful career, picking an academically strong school is vital as well. For example, South University accreditation is highly respected, thus a student with the right major from an accredited school will have better career success.
Here are the top 10 college majors most likely land a well-paying job after graduation:
1. Biomedical Engineering
This major will be worth the tuition, time, and effort. Biomedical engineers earn an average starting salary of $53,800, which grows an average of 82 percent to $97,800 by mid-career.
2. Software Engineering
Engineering concentrations comprise one third of the most valuable majors, for there is always a job market for engineers. Software engineering majors earn a median of $87,800 after 10 years on the job.
3. Computer Science
Employers have reported computer science majors as their top recruits. And, nearly half of these employers said the competition for new science, technology, engineering, and math talent is deep. While other college grads have to fight for an interview, computer science majors will most likely have a few offers to choose from.
4. Forensic Science
Forensic science focuses on using technology to analyze evidence, thus more and more experts are needed to operate the sophisticated tools to prevent and investigate crimes.
5. Data Science
According to the International Data Corp., the global volume of computerized data is doubling every two years. This will help to create some 4.4 million jobs worldwide by 2015, thus there is always a need for data science majors in a variety of fields.
6. Business Analytics
Courses include computer software, math, statistics, and communication skills, which provides a well-rounded education for students. Furthermore, many business employers will appreciate the diversity of the major.
7. Public Health
Because of health reform, the job prospects for public health majors are wide open. Students can focus on scientific aspects of the discipline, policies, or statistics, and they can find jobs in hospitals, community health centers, or nonprofits.
8. Petroleum Engineering
Grads can expect a starting salary at $100,000 a year with a degree in petroleum engineering. Engineers design and install equipment needed to produce petroleum, or they can analyze how much can be recovered.
9. Sustainability
A new major that is rooted in environmental degree programs, offers a solution-oriented curriculum that spans law, business, science, and resource management. Its focus on practical problem solving provides a large market for sustainability majors.
10. Biometrics
Grads with a strong foundation in biometrics can pursue careers such as intelligence analysts or biometric system designers. By 2018, this field is expected to grow by $363 million.
Picking the right major will determine future career success.
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