The Tool Box: Tools Every Man Needs To Complete His Home Improvement Projects

The Tool Box: Tools Every Man Needs To Complete His Home Improvement Projects

Most tool chests start from some immediate necessity. You move house and need to install an appliance, so you pick up a wrench and a couple of screwdrivers. But home repair needs grow over time. And just as there’s a right way and a wrong way to do any job, there are right tools and wrong tools. Here’s a short list of tools every homeowner needs in his toolbox.

1. Screwdrivers

Few jobs can be done without a few screwdrivers. Any basic set should have least six screwdrivers; flathead and Phillips in different sizes. People often underestimate the difficulty of turning a single screw. If it’s tight or on a hard to reach spot, that one screw could make or break your day. So the greater variety of screwdrivers in your collection, the better.

2. Tape Measure

Try and take a short cut on measurements and you’re almost guaranteed to double your workload. Use a quality tape measure to do the job right the first time.

3. Hammers

A quality framing hammer can do just about anything. Bang together furniture kits, mount shelves, or build a doghouse. It’s best to have one long fiberglass-handled hammer and a shorter one for lighter jobs in tight spaces.

4. Pliers

The most versatile tool in existence, no tool set is complete without them. Turn stubborn nuts, replace faucet parts, operate the appliance with shattered knobs, or snip a wire. Your set should have; side cutters, needle-nose, slip-joint, and tongue-and-groove pliers.

The Tool Box: Tools Every Man Needs To Complete His Home Improvement Projects

5. Flashlight

Every room where adults spend time should have a flashlight for that sudden power outage or emergency. Never get caught without this basic item when it comes time to fix that leaky sink or brave the dusty water-heater closet.

6. Bucket-Liner Organizer

By this time, you’ve got enough tools to want to keep them organized. A five-gallon bucket and a good leather or canvas Bucket-Liner makes it easy to keep your tools safe from rust and dirt and to avoid misplacing them.

7. Four Ft. Level

Once you start putting up shelves and picture frames, don’t try to eyeball it, you need a level to get it up straight. Settle for no less than a 4 foot long level. The longer the level, the more accurate it is. A crooked set of cabinets can cast the shadow of doubt on your handy-man skills for years.

8. Wheelbarrow

Carry several hundred bricks five at a time once and you’ll never underestimate the value of a wheelbarrow again. Save your back and save time with a quality wheelbarrow.

9. Stud Finder

Even experienced carpenters can have trouble locating a stud to anchor a nail for shelving. Miss it and you can expect that shelf to fall, ripping holes in your drywall that will have to be patched. Invest in a stud finder to prevent this annoying minor disaster.

10. Putty Knife

Every home gets banged up from time to time and every handyman makes mistakes. With a simple putty knife, some plaster putty and paint, you can patch that hole as good as new.

Basic equipment like this can be found at any quality hardware outlet like Richards Micro-Tool. And with these essential items in your tool set, you’re unlikely to be caught unprepared when it comes time do basic repairs or perform minor improvements to your home.

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