The VW Amorak: Review

During the last decade, there has been an explosion of new SUV’s and 4 X 4 vehicles on the market. Now the previously humble pick up truck is becoming more popular too, and VW has launched the Amarok to fill the gap that the company sees on the market.


The Volkswagen Amarok is very large and looks quite intimidating. The sheer size of the vehicle makes it difficult to park, but although it does lend itself to more commercial use, there is still room for five adults to sit comfortably inside.

The solid build and quality materials used are the hallmark of VW and the company has a reputation for excellence. This applies to the new Amarok although some people would hesitate to call this a true SUV and would label it more of a pick up truck. However, that said, this tough off road vehicle may yet prove to be very popular with families, particularly those who live in the countryside.

Model Types

The new Amarok is available in three versions, the entry level Start line, the mid level Trendline and the top market Highline. Each has a four wheel system which can be used when necessary, so even the toughest ground can be easily negotiated. There is also a limited edition available with cruise control, Bluetooth connection, automatic air con and touch screen satellite navigation.

Comfort and Drive

If parking the truck is a challenge, then driving it also takes some getting used to. Visibility is excellent due to the high driving position and all the controls and buttons on the dash are clear and easy to access. Just don’t try to leave a junction without enough space as the two tonnes of weight make this a slow starter. The extreme height of the cab makes it roll a little on the corners and the steering is not as easy as many other SUV’s.

The driver’s seat has a lot of adjustments making it relatively simple to get the right position. Engine noise is quite considerable, although this lessens when cruising on the motorway. As far as the suspension is concerned, the vehicle was intended to carry heavy loads so when the back is empty both driver and passenger can find it a bumpy ride.

Ruggedness and Reliability

VW has a reputation for solidity and good build and you would expect nothing less in the new SUV. It has been designed to withstand very heavy terrain and is as rugged a vehicle as you could wish to drive.

The engine has been tried and tested so there should be no problems with reliability. Safety is always paramount in new vehicles and this SUV rated four stars in tests instead of five. This is due to the size and because it is not expected to be used as a normal family car. There are lots of safety features with all round airbags, hill hold assist and electronic stability control as standard.


Value for money is hard to estimate for this SUV, but it does compare favourably with the Ford Ranger. VW’s do have a good resale value and this model is cheaper to run than some others. It can do 35.8 mpg and has a flat road tax of £210 per year. VW can offer a reduction of services on one of its service plans.

VW Amorak Accessories

This large SUV by VW deserves to be cared for and if you buy a set of car mats from our extensive range, this will help the vehicle to retain the car showroom condition. Ordering from My Car Mats is simple.

Just click on the name of the vehicle and follow the instructions. The mats are all custom made to perfectly fit your new vehicle and you can choose whichever design and colour you desire. All mats are fitted with the same fixings that come as standard from main dealers.

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