Tidying Clean Up Techniques That Will Make Your Life Easier

Organising and fast clean ups around the house makes it look cosy, tidy and clean and removes away some factors that can be real stress causers. A cluttered home will not only make it impossible to find the items you need but will definitely take the peace away from your life. We usually put a lot of effort on decorating our home, hanging up a canvas picture, buying modern furniture, design lighting etc. But no matter how wonderful all these things are, they will never look attractive and beautiful if placed in a messy scruffy house.

Tidying up is not a difficult thing to do if you set a place where every item should be left when you are not using it. The next step is easier – you just have to continue putting away your stuff where they belong and turn this into your everyday routine, not one-time exercise. 15 minute clean ups are also really helpful to keep your home’s comfort, good appearance and hygiene even if you are busy in your work. Here are some practical ideas from a professional carpet cleaning company in Surbiton on fast and effective organising techniques and chores:

Keep Your Accessories Tidy

Accessories add great touch to your style – scarves, belts and hats are what can make an ordinary black jacket an elegant or daring outfit. But usually exactly the accessories are what makes our wardrobes messy. Putting your scarves and belts is easy, when you use a hanger. But if you just leave them hanging like this they will intertwine unavoidably. This is why you can do the following trick – take a few shower curtain rings and attach them to the hanger. After that just use hang every scarf on a separate hanger. This way they will be neatly ordered and easy to find any time. Hangers can also be used to store your belts. Put them over the bottom side of the hanger and to ensure they won’t fall get a few rubber band and tie the dangling endings together. Put your accessories in order and you will be amazed how much free space you have in your wardrobe and how much easier is to find what you need.

Bed Linens Storing Trick

Storing the bed linen always seem the same – folding it neatly and putting it away in drawers, dower-chests or cabinets. But there is a downside with this method – no mater how thoroughly you folded the sheets and pillow cases after a while they get into a pile and you cannot find a thing in the certain place. Why don’t you try this instead – after folding a sheet, put it into a pillow case. This way your linen cabinets will always be neatly ordered. This way of storing is very appropriate especially for seasonal bed covers or sheets which you don’t use this often. The pillow case will accumulate most of the dust particles, but the sheet inside will always be ready for use.

Organise and Clean Your Kitchen

A dirty, cluttered and messy kitchen can spoil anybody’s mood, not to mention that it’s taking away the joy of cooking and eating. To put some order in your kitchen and keep it clean easier, always spare 5-10 minutes to clean up after cooking. Even if you are tired after work you can at least put the dirty dishes in the sink and wipe off kitchen countertops. This simple habit will make your kitchen area look more tidy and pleasing, even if it’s not that clean.

Living Room Clean Ups

The more time you spent in a room, the messier it gets. And we spent most of our awake time in home exactly in this area. Having a glass of wine or a cup of tea after a long, exhausting day at work, reading, or watching TV, or just relaxing on our favourite sofa, listening to music. Living area is the place where most often we invite friends over coffee, we spend the most money to furnish and decorate it. This is why living room requires special attention.

To keep it in a good shape never forget your mug on the coffee table after you’re done using it – take it to the kitchen sink. Try to leave the room an a good condition before you go to bed. Everybody throws a jacket on the sofa every now and then but it takes only 1 minute to lift it and hang it in your wardrobe again. Finally, don’t forget that living room gets probably most of the dirt in the house. Carpets accumulate amazing amounts of dust particles so they should be thoroughly cleaned on a weekly basis. But it’s a good idea to vacuum quickly high traffic areas – around your sofa and coffee table for example even more often. Another important thing to keep your living room carpet in a top-shape is trying to avoid beverage and food spills and take immediate care if they occur.

Cosy and Tidy Bedroom

We use our beds every single day. Sometimes it seems more easy to leave the house in the morning without making up your bed. But then, when you get home it can be really unpleasant to go bed in messy bed with crumpled sheets. It will take you less than five minutes to stretch the sheets and blankets and put a cover, or bedspread over you bed, but it’s worthy. Also, even if you’re tired or in a hurry putting your dirty clothes in the laundry room rather than just leaving them on your bedroom floor will make the room look better.

There are many 10-15 clean ups, that can help you make your place cosier and better looking. You can quickly wipe the tiles while you’re in the shower or take the trash out on your way to work. Simple actions like this will make it easier when time comes for the thorough cleaning of your home.

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