Tips For Buying Cheaper Car Parts

Tips For Buying Cheaper Car Parts

Getting your car repaired can be very expensive, especially if you happen to have an older or classic vehicle with rare parts. Taking it into the shop is always an option, but on top of labor fees and your time spent going to and from the auto shop it can be tiresome for busy people. This is the main reason that many car owners have turned to fixing their own cars, but the hard part is just getting the parts for a reasonable price. Here are some tips to consider when looking to buy your own car parts for a reasonable cost.

1. The first thing to do at the beginning of all your searches is to do research and compare prices. There are a few websites out there that are especially useful when it comes to hunting for certain parts. EBay is one of them, and it might pay off to see what is available there since it covers a worldwide database. Even if it takes a while for the parts to arrive, you can still find some decent prices there. Secondly, take a look at, which you can refine to show results for certain products that are near you. In the long run it really pays off to compare, especially if what you are looking for is a rarity. Local junkyards make another great resource as well.

Tips For Buying Cheaper Car Parts

2. After you think you find the part that you want to purchase, you will want to double check that it is exactly the right part for the job. What you can do is take down the part number and call your dealership or where you get your car serviced to verify that you are actually buying what you need.

3. If you are purchasing your part from a junkyard or a non-commercial seller, you can always try to bargain the price down. If you have done your research online and know what the cost is for the parts you’re buying, you can use that knowledge to tell if what it is being asked for is too much. Most junkyards will price match local retailers, and as long as you’re polite you can likely get a deal with them

4. Much like shopping anywhere else, coupons can save you a lot of money with car parts. While in the long run it may be cheaper to purchase from a junkyard or online, there are discount coupons that you can use at dealerships or retailer stores. In fact, sometimes with the use of these discounts it can bring the price down to what you would pay elsewhere. So if you are one of those people that would much rather buy an “official” new part, this might be a good option for you to consider.

5. Buying a car just for parts is another thing to think about. If you can see yourself needing to repair multiple parts over time in the near future, there are several avenues for buying or having a non-running car donated to you. That way you can pick apart all the things you need to rebuild yours, and even if it might cost a little bit up front the end total could be much cheaper than buying everything individually.

6. If you are looking for a certain really rare or unique part for your car, the best way to approach this is by doing your hunt in person. So, going down to the local junkyard or collectors stores might be a great option for you in your local area. Not only will you get the part right away, but you won’t have to pay for shipping.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited offers the best auto repair Columbia MO has to offer!

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