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 In 21st century, if you are trying to flourish your business without a website or even poorly treated website you are on wrong path. It is very important to have respectable, decent and attractive website. Website is the business representative on internet. Website improvement can open the new horizons of success for your business. If you have a business site and it is not affecting your business in positive way, it is time to rethink about site’s features. Getting a domain and collecting the data is not called a website, it is more than that. Your business web site must have some characteristics to support your business. Before hiring a developer for designing your site, clear the purpose of your site. Ask some questions to yourself and note down their answers as,

Do I need site for online purchasing and selling?

Do I just want to show my products to user?

Do I want to give information about my business?

Do I want interaction with user by taking his information?

Answers of these questions and many like these will help you to discuss your sit on table before getting it real.  How your website should be? It’s a big question to answer but don’t worry I am here to tell some important characteristics of a website which can prove to be a pillar for your business.


Appearance of your site is very much important to make the site attractive and useful. Here are some characteristics which make your site attractive.

  • Good color scheme: don’t put many colors on site, it will be better to choose two or three primary colors that are blended well. I advise to choose the color which is prominent in your business logo. Don’t overuse the color; it can confuse the written content.
  • Readable text color: the contrast of text and background must be in such range which is readable easily. Confusing color combination will make the text unreadable. Don’t use many font style , one style but decent one will be the best for site. Don’t exceed the font size for paragraphs more than 10 to 12pts.
  • Use sensible graphics: graphics can add style to your site which will otherwise boring with only text. Don’t use extra graphics, use it where needed as excess of graphics will overload the page and it will slow down the site functionality.
  • Photographs: use the high quality photo graphs to appeal the user


Good Content:

style will not work if site doesn’t have content a good content has following qualities

  • Summarize your text, remember visitor is not bound to read all the given information he may have visited your site by chance through search engine. You have maximum ten minutes to grab his attention. Make the text effective and short. Long paragraphs will bore the visitor.
  •  Regular updating of content: How many of us like to read the same book daily? Approximately none of us want to read same content, same is the case with site, change the content regularly as it realize the user that admin is not dead.

Functionality of Site:

User came to the site as a result of searching his keyword. He doesn’t like to play hide and seek with your site design. User doesn’t like broken or imperfect components of your site. He will close the tab immediately; it would be not only the failure of site but also your business. Your site has many components as,

  • Hyperlinks
  • Contact forms
  • Product detail
  • Site search

All should be clicked properly to avoid frustrated visitors.

User’s Friendly Usability:

It is another very important factor of successful website as our main focus is user. Site must be easy to use for all types of users.

  • Simple to use: complicated site is not liked by users; users normally don’t take much time in closing the tab if site is complicated.
  • Loading must be fast: slow loading of pages will earn boredom for user. User clicks the cross button after being frustrated of slow loading.
  • Least scroll: this is very important mainly for the first page; don’t overload the text on first page. just give headlines and detail is linked, it is the style of good site
  • Site layout: site layout is an important factor, don’t change lay out of each page. Layout reflects company’s nature towards business. Consistent layout means consistent company towards business.

Use SEO to Publicize:

Making a website without considering search engine optimization is like starting a business without publicity.

  • HTML : use HTML written content , avoid using JavaScript more as search engine direct the user after reading HTML content
  • Use keywords properly in content

Above I gave some simple keys which a business man can notice during site development and can discuss them with developers.

Bio: Anny as a freelance writer takes great interest in business grooming through website. Being the citizen of Philadelphia, she takes keen interest in web development Philadelphia . Having keen interest in site qualities and technical features of business site, she writes informative blog articles for Boomtown Internet Group

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