Tips For Making Your Love Life More Spicy

Tips For Making Your Love Life More Spicy

Between work commitments and household routines your love life often takes a backseat to most other things. The stress of paying bills and meeting deadlines takes a toll and all you want to do when you get home in the evening in collapse on the couch. The worst of it is that a flourishing love life is a great way to de-stress, increase your energy levels and generally be happier.

Where Did the Spice Go?

When you started dating, your love life was exciting and every day spent with your significant other was filled with exuberance. Then you stopped making an effort – you both did. As any person becomes a regular part of our lives, we tend to take their presence for granted and we stop doing anything special to welcome them there. When routine overtakes romance, spice is stops being part of the relationship!

What Can YOU Do?

Routine, boredom, dullness sound the death knell for any relationship and what you have to do is shake things up again. It takes thought and effort but it isn’t difficult. In many cases where we need to spice up our love lives, a woman’s best friends are a range of lingerie. Now you can buy lingerie online from PrivyPleasures.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into a Corset

Wearing a corset or a bustier emphasizes innocence and curves, a great combination in the bedroom. Surprise your significant other with a sexy black bustier or a feminine lace corset to entice him.

Tips For Making Your Love Life More Spicy

G-strings, Bikinis and Thongs

While they are not the most comfortable part of the wardrobe, g-strings, bikinis and thongs serve a useful purpose in reminding him how sexy you are. Available in a variety of colours and materials, they can look gorgeous.

Role Playing Out of a Rut

If basic lingerie doesn’t cut it any longer, it may be time to tap into your favourite fantasy and buy a sexy costume. Whether it is the perennial French maid or cat woman, you can indulge yourself with ease. Take it in turns and spend one night acting out your fantasy of being a cop and the following night as his dream nurse. Harem dancers and school girls too are readily available.

Baby Doll Teddies

Baby doll teddies are cute and comparatively comfortable. If you are self conscious about wearing lingerie that reveals all, these are a good alternative which can hide as much as you feel necessary. To get the spice back in your love life you need to feel confident that you are looking your sexiest and teddies create the impression of an hour glass figure.

Fishnet, Lace and Silk

The more sensuous the material, the more enticing it is. The range of lingerie available in fishnet, lace and silk is huge, stockings, bras, garter belts and chemises amongst others. The key is to leave behind the cotton panties that you slipped into for comfort and slip into something definitely less comfortable! Feminine and flirty pieces of lingerie may not be designed for lengthy wear but the whole point is that you should be out of them as soon as possible.

Setting the Mood

The purpose of the sexy lingerie is to attract and inspire your partner but just the act of putting it on should put you in the mood too. Lowered lighting, music and a come-hither look should then be enough to get your significant other to get interested and active. Find the sort of lingerie that makes you feel sexy, whether it is a leather corset or a lace thong, and you are halfway there to putting the spice back in your love life!

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