Tips On Furthering Your Studies In Business School

Planning a career choice or move is something that should be done with the greatest of care. It I not something that has be happen as an afterthought or impulse decision but something that you have clearly assessed and found to be ideal. The opportunities have to be right and the work has to interest you. Students who hold a first degree in any discipline can enroll to pursue further studies in a business or graduate school of their choice. The options cover most English speaking countries an you can sit for an admission test in any country among the more than 120 in which it is available.

There are a lot of study fields for you to choose from and again you will need to do some research and soul searching to find the right one for you. There are a number of tests that are administered by the ETS (Educational Testing Service) which makes it vital to ensure that GRE has relevance in your chosen study field. The significance of GRE varies from institution to institution and from faculty to some instances it is regarded as a mere formality while in others it is a defining factor. To get to the bottom of this discussion, it is vital that we begin by understanding what GRE is.

What is GRE?

GRE is a standardized admissions test that is required by Business Schools in the US and many other countries. It was created in 1949 by the Educational Testing Service which also administers it. It is administered at Prometric centers as a computer based exam. What the exam does is assess the wealth of skills that you have accumulated in various fields namely analytically, verbal and mathematical. The skills that you are tested for are not related to any specific field of study but simply seek to establish if you can tackle the nature of studies ahead.

Tips On Furthering Your Studies In Business School

The appointments in respect of this test can be secured on a first come first served basis and it is available all year round. If you opt to go for the GRE Revised General Test, which is a computer based test and paper based test, once for every 60 day period at a maximum of 5 every year. The alternative is to take the paper based GRE Revised Test which you can sit for as and when it is offered without restriction.

GRE Eligibility

  • The minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s Degree since you will need it to qualify for your Master’s Program.
  • 16 years of education are a prerequisite for most universities in the US for entry into engineering and science programs.

If you are a holder of a B Tech, BE, BSC (Agriculture or any of the B. Arch Degrees then you can seek admission directly at the university of your choice for Engineering and science programs.

How to Apply

You can apply in any one of the four available options.

When applying by phone you can use your American Express, MasterCard, JCB or VISA. You can also use a voucher number if you have one. You must remember that this is not applicable if you are in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea.

When doing it online you need to first open a “My GRE Account” which allows you to even for a fee reduction and testing accommodation. There are also the Fax and mail options that you can utilize for the same [purpose although many people do it online. After registration you need to find a good prep course and begin the preparations in earnest.

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