Tips On- How To Select The Right Vaporizer For You?

Tips On- How To Select The Right Vaporizer For You?

Before selecting the best, one must be aware of all the brands offering vaporizer. Many new users try to buy a vaporizer starter kit which looks similar to that of the real cigarettes. It is a recognizable style and totally understandable.

Things to do:

To select the right one, you must have previous knowledge about DaVinci Ascent.

  • They are available with different battery capacities like 180 as for shorter versions and 300mAh versions for longer versions. However, it was found that it will not last that much in a single charge. You must have spare batteries to boost them up. This is horrible to use.
  • The kits are available in various costs accordingly the quality also differs. The one with lower costs will have lower quality and the one with higher costs will have the highest quality.
  • Feel free to discuss with your friends about the best starter kit. They may give you an idea about that.
  • Don’t get your starter kit or cartridges from a single merchant, he may set his price and may have the chances of increasing the rates.

Tips On- How To Select The Right Vaporizer For You?


How much they cost?

Their cost differs according to their product. They may range from $12 to $200.

  • Disposable vaporizer:

The cost of the disposable vaporizer may range from $12 to $15 according to DaVinci Ascent. They last for only one or two days, then they are disposed off. These are cheap if we use to smoke rarely but for chain smokers this will be expensive and the cost if calculated may be equal to that of the real cigarettes.

  • Starter Kits:

People do not prefer to buy this product since they are not well made, they also give poor performance. The cost ranges from $20 to $40, and they are usually called as limited starter kits. This kit comes with one battery, two cartridges along with one USB charger. Many people complain that the performance of this kit is not good, and it is felt like vaping the air and discontinued by many.

  • Good Starter:

The vaporizer with medium range of $60 to $70 is called as starter, and the kit comes with at least two batteries, five cartridges and two chargers. Of which one is the wall charger, and the other one is the USB charger. This is used by many as a better starter. Some merchants sell the same product for 90 dollars. So be careful by knowing the prices of different kits before you are going to purchase.

  • Cartridges:

According to DaVinci Ascent, cartridges can be bought individually once you finish them off. The refill cartridges of about 20 milliliters can be bought at the range of $15, which is very cheap when compared to the prices you spend for the real cigarettes. A 20 mile liter refill bottle is equivalent to that of one to two packs of cigarettes. You can also have the option of choosing the flavors also. You can also buy them via online. A single cartridge will lasts for approximately 200 puffs.

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