Tony Amaradio – A Finance Strategist, A Writer, A Social Worker and More

Tony Amaradio is a successful market strategist who presides over the office of his own firm, Select Portfolio Management Inc. He also holds the position of the chief strategist of the firm. He has emerged as a much talked about personality of the finance world in the last few years. He has seen the glory of success through his smart investment strategies which he helps his clients with. He has been in this business for a stretched period of 30 years and with educational degree in Business Administration, he had a complete idea about the ups and downs in the market. His company provides various financial consultancy services that include a client’s market portfolio management and providing investment strategies like proper SIP plans or Systematic Investment Plans.

Tony Amaradio - A Finance Strategist, A Writer, A Social Worker and More

His Emphasis on the “Faithful with Finances Workshop”

Anthony also known as Tony Amaradio  has triggered a new workshop for churches which is called “Faithful with Finances Workshop”. He is a deep believer in the bible and has pointed out that it is very important to participate in stewardship for financial wellbeing and proper flow of resources. His is meant to improve financial stewardship for the churches.

In one of his videos that is published on the Internet, he mentions about the bible and specifies that there are more than 2000 scriptures in bible that deals with stewardship for financial matters and he plans to merge it with the technical tools that are needed to truly thrive in this world. He says that the count of these scriptures is four times more than the number of scriptures on ‘Faith’.

He has highlighted the three main aspects of stewardship and they are Time, Talent and Treasure. There are various levels of this workshop and he is asking people to participate by contacting him and undergoing this effective workshop.

Tony Amaradio had his majors in Finance and Taxes while he did his MBA from University of Detroit after pursuing his BBA from the University of Michigan. After he passed his MBA, he was offered a good job by a Fortune 500 company but he had a clear view about his future plans and he rejected the offer, only to start his own firm. Tony and his wife has been a respected resident of Southern California since 1987 and he has his primary office there.

New Ventures in Business and Opening a New Firm in 2010

After running Select Portfolio Management Inc. for many years, in the year 2010 he opened another firm typically for wealth management services for his high value clients. This firm is registered as Select Money Management Inc. and is another successful firm under Tony. His wife, Carin Amaradio is the vice-president and Chief Compliance officer of SPM Inc. as she has had a brief carrier in retail management and has joined the financial service industry in 1979.

Tony Amaradio along with his wife has written a book titled “Faithful with Much – Breaking down the barriers of generous giving” which is available in various online stores like Amazon.

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