Top 10 Flooring Mistakes That All Homeowners Should Avoid

Top 10 Flooring Mistakes That All Homeowners Should Avoid

When it comes to flooring our house, its normal to be a bit scared about making an expensive mistake. This might be something that we are doing for the first time and there are numerous choices and information one has to deal with. Here are the top ten mistakes that one must avoid while flooring their houses.

Not Researching Enough:

People don’t have proper knowledge and information regarding the different options and quality of the floorings. You have to consider the level of wear that might happen in the long run, the moisture content of place you wish to floor and of course your budget. Don’t go for a flooring on just its visual appeal.

Different people have different flooring needs. One of the most trending styles nowadays is a woody appearance. But hardwood floors are beyond the budget of many. Thus, you can opt for a budget-friendly option that gives the look a wood flooring, i.e. vinyl flooring. Karndean, available at is one of the top brands that offer a wide array of vinyl flooring options for people to choose from. The best thing about Karndean flooring is you won’t return empty handed. Their range is so versatile that they have something amazing for every customer.

Hiring a New Contractor:

Well, the thing is people go for the cheapest option available while choosing a contractor. Generally, these contractors have almost no experience of the work, can easily mess up and give you poor results. Make sure to hire a flooring specialist.

Using Wrong Cleaning Products:

You get plenty of options available in the market that promise a shiny floor. These products have oils and waxes in the ingredient list. But they degrade the Polyurethane on the floor.

Depending too much on DIY’S:

This can cost you a lot if done in the wrong manner. Doing your flooring yourself might lead to wasting a lot of time as professionals finish the work early and of course there will be a difference in the quality of work done.

Going with the Trends:

Being up with what trend’s being followed is not an entirely bad thing to do. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the trend. The thing is your flooring must reflect your personal style but going too wild might not be a good option as trends change quickly.

Falling for Gimmicks:

The market is huge and filled with ads and gimmicks that sound too good to be true. It is not the case as the cost is hidden somewhere and if you notice with a keen eye the quality of such products is never up to the mark.  

Balancing the Floors with the Walls:

People usually make a mistake of using the same color of floor and the walls. This is not recommended, using contrast will make the room look stylish.

Using New Materials:

Don’t blindly go for new materials. Try to go for the ones that have been gaining popularity for some time. You can also try to use good quality second-hand wood as well.

Having Floating Floor under Cabinets:

It is very important to know that floating floors must be put around the cabinets and not under them as that will not allow it to expand or contract.

Going for Cheap Materials:

The fact is that you do get what you pay for. There is going to be a big difference in the quality and durability although the appearance of some cheap and costly flooring might be similar.

Doing things in the Wrong Order:

People usually paint before they refinish the floors and install the cabinets before they install hardwood and tiles. Carrying out home decor tasks in the incorrect sequence can cost you in the long run.

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