Top 4 Facts About Pet Food

Top 4 Facts About Pet Food

Pet owners are always concerned about their pet health. To make them look good and ensure proper health, it is vital to feed them with a balanced diet. Just going through the prescription without even understanding and believing on some of the untrue facts will never become a help for you. It is crucial to understand the major difference between the real facts and myths to ensure better pet health. Following are the top myths that can be heard and the actual truth behind it.

“Dogs Should Never Have Table Scraps”

This is one of the most popular myths spoken by the manufacturers. They say that the table scraps might misbalance the digestive process. Dietary deficiencies never develop overnight, constant poor nutrition works as a criminal.

It is crucial that the owners should never rely on junk foods, meals with artificial ingredients, candy items or food with a high level of fat. Pasta, oatmeal, baked potatoes, light and fresh vegetable and leftover meats are considered as a healthy addition to their meal. Moderation is the fundamental aspect and you need to subtract the unnecessary ingredients. Processed carbohydrates must be included in the diet. This can be achieved either by steaming or cooking or by grinding or mincing properly in low temperature for long time.

Top 4 Facts About Pet Food

“Dogs Should Stay Away From Eggs”

This is another very common myths heard very often. The main reason behind it is the enzyme that is present in the egg. The Avidin enzyme present in egg white becomes problematic since it destroys the biotin that is present in their body.

The main fact beside is the egg yolk delivers biotin more than the required level that helps to make up for the loss. In addition to this, salmonella is another major concern for the owners. Since, dog has a short digestive tract they are resistant than a human to these bacteria.

“Commercial Foods are Harmful to Pet Health”

This is a general statement of pet owners, but the best part about it is not proven. Anyone who finds out even less time for research will surely find out that the product quality varies a lot from one manufacturer to other. It is true that some are undesirable, but it is wrong that all the commercial pet foods are bad. Companies who put effort in choosing the proper ingredients always provides proper foods that ensure good health.

“The Digestive System of Dog Is Not Capable Of Utilizing and Digesting Grains”

Although this is considered as a myth, it has some truth associated with it. When compared to herbivorous, the digestive tract of a dog is not specialized for digesting carbohydrates or grains in raw form. Digestibility of pets depends more on quality. Pets have the ability to absorb digestible carbohydrates. Grains containing indigestible fiber result in damaging the intestinal health.

The above-mentioned are a few general myths very often heard from the manufacturers and owners. This article will certainly help you to know the truth and come out of misconceptions. From various types of pet food, balanced diet for dogs is always beneficial to ensure better pet health.

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