Top 4 Reasons to Love and Cherish College Life

Ah, college life: the endless booze and frat parties, the “sinful Hollywood” universities (think Beverly Hills 90210), parent-free fun – to your average American high school-going kid, college is that long awaited time of life when they can finally let themselves loose in the wild for the next four years.
Well, I’d hate to burst your bubble as college life isn’t what it’s normally made out to be in the movies. In fact, it is often far from this almost fantasy-like depiction (American Pie anyone?). Even if you’re remotely willing to buy the glamorized Hollywood version, chances are you won’t be finishing your final semester with a degree.
However, this is not to say college can’t be a rich and unique experience that you carry with yourself for the rest of your life. Your college years can be a highly rewarding and profitable experience which has a life-long impact on your professional as well as personal life. Here are four notable reasons why you should treat it as such.

1. A Chance to Form Fresh Opinions

A college environment is rife with smart people who love voicing their opinions passionately (and defending them). Throughout your college years, you’re going to come across many diverse perspectives, from professors as well as fellow students, which will definitely challenge your own stance on any given subject matter. In the process, you’ll be developing fresh perspectives yourself.
When it’s all said and done, you’re going to leave college as a well-groomed and polished individual, equipped to share knowledge and intellect with the world, while continuing to gain academic as well as professional insights.

2. Soak in Those Resources

The recreational facilities, the off-campus speakers that grace you with their presence from time to time, the libraries, the gym; take advantage of all the facilities whenever you can. Instead of spending late hours goofing off at a frat party, check out different books at the library to broaden your horizons, tag along with your class mates to college events, hit the weight rack at the gym etc.
You see, once you’re done with college, you’re going to come to terms with the fact that in the real-world things cannot be taken for granted, and there’s a price to everything. Money will probably not be something you have in abundance to begin with.
Once you set foot in the real world, you won’t come across academic speakers as easily, willing to lend you their knowhow and experiences. Learn to broaden your mindset and soak in as much knowledge as you can – capitalize on all the wonderful resources your college offers.

3. Form a Life-long Social Circle

It’s hard not to be surrounded by friends in college, unless you’re an established introvert. That’s different!
In school and college, you get to forge meaningful life-long friendships and bonds. There’s always someone who will have a lot in common with you, as most true friendships are based on passions and sharing similar mindsets.
Form meaningful connections and be in the center of where it all happens – exchange of ideas and perspectives, goals – deep, thoughtful discussions that help you understand the different layers under each person.

4. Embrace Your Passions

It’s okay not to understand your true passion right away or what you really love, and neither do most college-going people.
Here’s a good start: focus all your energy on the academic experience, gain whatever you can from it – pay close attention in class, visit Office Hours frequently, and be diligent when it comes to regular after-class studying. Throughout, you’ll have plenty of time to explore a variety of topics and what really resonates well with you.
Passion just doesn’t come strolling around the corner and bump into you; you have to tap into your soul and seek it.
Questionable photos are not some of the only things you get to take away from college. Give it all you got, and the only person who can make your college experience the best ever, is you.

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