Top 5 Apps That Every Lawyer Needs To Stay Efficient and Organized

When every profession in the world now tends to go paperless and more efficiently organized, the legal system also tends to employ carefully handpicked tools of technology to serve this above mentioned purpose. Many apps have been carefully developed in this regard to make the legal process, in courtrooms and while dealing with clients and colleagues, a more organized and effective one, as is the need of modern world today. Below are listed a few of such top apps that have now become a must have for most lawyers.

Top 5 Apps That Every Lawyer Needs To Stay Efficient and Organized

WestLaw Next

While this app is often employed in an iPad, it is also available for free for Android systems. When it comes to legal research, this app tends to offer you great ease. It allows you to carry out legal research while on the go, in meetings and when dealing with your clients. Great ease of research is ensured with this app, for it saves the research you have been working on, making it accessible for you the next time you want to work on it. On your iPad, this app will also allow you to save and access and important research documents.


For every lawyer around, the extreme usefulness of this app is ensured by the fact that it was specifically designed by lawyers for use in the courtrooms. The aforementioned function of this app is well served by its ability to allow you to organize well and make efficient trial presentation.  Concerning about the organization part, TrialPad allows attorneys to annotate and manage their legal files for later use as well. This app goes another step forward in increasing user experience by allowing for the option of importing all sorts of important files, be it PDF, image files or even video files from your iPad, which you may require when preparing your legal presentations.


This is primarily an iPad app which allows you to access an entire ‘fastcase library and legal research system’. The above-mentioned features make it one of the largest free app for legal research app. As many other research engines, this app allows you to search your required content using keyword led search, through citations and also by browsing the statute collection. Amongst all of the legal research apps available, it is definitely one of the least costly option, and rather one of the most efficient one, that brings large amount relevant research works in the palm of your hand.


While this app is often referred to be a document reader, it is clearly a lot more than just that iAnnotate allows you to annotate and mark up your PDF documents while reviewing it. Similarly, it allows you to efficiently share not only PDF, but also PPT, DOC and relevant image files through your tablet. All sorts of annotations are made possible through this app, for example you can take notes on lecture slides, sign contracts and highlight all your important legal documents. In essence this app truly allows you to go paperless, as is the need of today.

Drop Box

Drop Box is one of the most efficient apps, with a high number of users, which allows you to save and share all sorts of heavy files, ranging from photos and videos to important documents. The usefulness of this app is hence not limited to just one or a few kinds of professionals, but in fact a large number of people from all sorts of fields, and hence its usefulness remains highly important for lawyers as it is to any other professionals. While sharing important legal documents, where an email my not suffice in sending heavy files, Drop Box tends to work most efficiently, sending documents even to non-users of this app.
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