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Top 5 Aquarium Decorating Tips

Any good pet owner wants to make his new buddy feel comfortable and welcomed. But it’s not that easy, especially if your new family member is fish. You don’t need to be an artist to create a beautifully decorated fish tank, but there’s a lot of work to be done. Just remember, that your effort will be rewarded!

Talk and Ask

Maybe your friends or relatives own a fish — don’t hesitate to ask more about setting up an aquarium or choosing decorations for it. You could even ask for advice in a pet store – workers there know a lot, and they are here to help you out. Google! Maybe you’re searching for something like starting saltwater aquarium guideline or other tutorials — it will take only 5 minutes or so to find something, but the resources will be priceless!

Add Plants

Plants are probably the most popular way to decorate fish aquarium. But not the simplest one! There are two options you can choose from: plastic or real plants. Artificial plants are much easier to maintain, and there’s a huge variety of them: an amount of different colors and forms can really impress!

On the other hand, real plants are better for your fish: they improve the water quality in the aquarium and help fish breathe, but also it’s much harder to look after them. You need to keep an eye on real plants: dead leaves decompose and could potentially lead to the death of the aquarium inhabitants. Feel free to combine both kinds!

Try Different Substrates

Substrates might be the hardest part of the whole process of decorating aquarium. You need to know many factors before putting anything on the bottom, including the impact on fish and reactivity with water. Choosing substrates carefully is important the fish health.

There are two types of substrates for aquariums: sand and gravel. You can try different colors of sand for your base or even mix them! But keep in mind that aquarium is a home for your fish, and it needs to feel comfortable in it, so make sure that sand won’t hurt anybody.

Gravel is an alternative way to decorate the foundation of your fish’s home. There’s a whole range of colors that you could buy like blue, green, pink and different size from small to large, but the most recommended one is medium. You can combine them to create a real masterpiece!

Use Other Decorations

After setting up your base and plants, you are ready to decorate your aquarium with additional accessories. Always keep in mind an approximate picture where the fish is going to be. The most popular decoration for fish tanks is, of course, rocks. There so many kinds of stones: honey onyx, lava rock, quartz, slate — this list can go on forever. Don’t forget to test rocks if they’re okay for your fish and if the edges are not sharp. Safety is paramount! Other natural decorations include shells and driftwood or coral (both can be dangerous and spread some parasites). Seashells can be easily found on a beach or in a store.

Classics are great, but don’t limit yourself! What about the ornament with divers or sharks? Or maybe a skeleton toy? You could even create a unique theme for the aquarium like pirates or mermaids.

Add Some Background

Laminated photo backgrounds are the most commonly used, and they aren’t hard to make at all. More creative and unusual way to decor your aquarium background is wrapping paper. It’s not expensive, and it will look aesthetical. If you are ready to put a little bit more effort into creating a beautiful design, then the 3D background is a great choice for you.

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