Top 5 Jobs In The Booming World Of Mining

The world loves miners.   The reason for this is that miners are professionals at extracting from the world the very things that everyone needs to function on a daily basis.   Most people wearing a gold ring or sporting a cell phone which uses small bits of mined minerals, don’t always realize that more than likely someone had to strap on a hard hat and go into a potentially hazardous situation in order to extract from the earth a bit of the material that we use on a daily basis, but the fact of the matter is it happens every single day of the year.
Top 5 Jobs In The Booming World Of Mining
High demand for mine workers along with high pay and increased mine safety methods have also come together which is drawing more people to the mining industry than ever before.    With a rising presence in the global job market many young people who would have once opted for a less exotic occupation are now considering mine work.    If you’re one of those people who are considering a career in mining here are the top five mine jobs and salaries.

1. Exploration Geologist

Exploration Geologist, by all accounts the role that is of paramount importance in the world of mining.  The role of the exploration geologist is to figure out if an area is worth mining or not.     Salaries start at about 90k for this job and go up to 200k for an experience person with a good track record.  A great job if you love working in the great outdoors and collecting a hefty paycheck.

2. Geophysicist

Geophysicist is the indoor version of the exploration geologist.  The geophysicist looks at the dirt, the water and the minerals to determine whether or not to move ahead.   Minimum requirements for this job are a bachelors degree with a masters preferred.  However, if you can do the time in school and probably a bit more time in the lab getting ready the starting salary for the job is 180k with experienced workers commanding up to 300k.

3. Mine Geologist

A mine geologist straps on the hard hat and goes into the mine.  Once the mine has been drilled the mine geologist finds, maps and samples the grade of mineral ore that is in the mine.   The average starting salary is about 120k and can go up to about 150k or more.  Mine geologists are often paid a bonus for finding rich loads of ore inside the mine.

4. Resource Geologist

Resource Geologist is pretty much an office job.   It’s a great job for people who like being around mines without having to actually go in them very often.   They are responsible for putting a plan in place for extracting the ore deposits from the ground and also looking at existing deposits for evidence of the possibility of finding more.  For this valuable service a Recourse Geologist brings home 150k to start and can go up to over 200k.

5. GIS Technician

A GIS technician is your junior geologist in the field.   They head out to prospective mining fields and collect samples, provide support for other team members, explore new areas,, analyze ore samples and bodies.  It’s a great job if like to travel to new places.   Generally speaking salaries start at about 100k and go up to about 140k plus travel allowances.  Some companies will toss in a cool company paid for SUV to roll around in as well which is always a welcome addition.
Bob Dracker focusses on the mining industry and reports on the updates of mining companies in all fields, such as mining equipment, such as mining pumps and hydraulic filters.Aaron Shorts is a specialist in the mining industry and frequently reports on the mining industry. He reports on all types of products, from WIlson FG Generators to Allight Sykes Self Priming Pumps.

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