Top 5 Limo Cars In The World

Limousines are considered to be luxury cars; they are huge sedans with luxurious interiors and are driven by trained chauffeurs. Limos are a sign of luxury and are mostly used or rented for special occasions, while they are also used by powerful and wealthy politicians and business tycoons. These sedans are usually purchased by third parties who modify them and sell them to different clients or limo rental companies.

The limousine industry is over $5 billion a year in the US and there are more than 5,000 limousine rental companies in the US and Canada. There are around 45,000 people employed in this sector, so limo business is definitely a significant sector of the frugality.

Have you ever thought of hiring the best limo rentals in Toronto for a special occasion ? But you are worried about it being costly then rests assure hiring a normal limo from a rental company won’t cost you too much. Here is an interesting list on the top five most expensive limos ever built; each one of these limos is a car of its own kind.

Top 5 Limo Cars In The World

1.     Batmobile Limo

The Batmobile limo was built in 2012 and is the most expensive limousine; it was inspired by the Batman movie of the 80s and 90s. This limousine is fit with all the upgraded gadgets which the original Batmobile had in the movies. This limo is one of its own kind, and is definitely the choice of many Batman fans, it’s the kind of limo that will make an impression when you walk out of it. The Batmobile limo has everything in it from the eject able front and back wheels, missile launcher, gasoline control, jet engine, rocket launcher; it has an intricate design of a Corvette and comes with a pretty expensive price label of $4.2 million.

2.     American-Dream

The American Dream limo belongs to Mr. Jay Ohrberg, Mr. Ohrberg is a famous car builder and car collector and he has specialized in creating cars from television and films. He has a wide range of collection of exclusive cars and owns some of the finest sedan replicas. The American Dream is claimed to be the part of Guinness World Records for being the longest car in the world, its size is 100 foot long and the limo has around 26 tires, swimming pool, a lot of room for the passengers, a Jacuzzi, a sun deck, a few beds, plus it also have a helipad. This baby is worth $4 million and truly it’s an amazing limo.

3.     The Beast

This limousine was used by the US president Barack Hussain Obama in 2009. The limousines is worth $3 million, it is a brilliant limo armored with resilient plates that can block a grenade attack as well as an RPG and that is why it is named “The Beast”. The limo is well-equipped and has got everything that a president would need it has firefighting equipment, tear gas canisters, shotguns, oxygen tanks, a 24/7 connection with the white house and Pentagon.

4.      Midnight Rider

This is the most unique kind of limousine ever built it’s a classified limo-trailer and is the only one ever created. In the Guinness Book Of World Record 2011 it has been classified as the world’s heaviest limo ever made. It has three separate lounges and a crew of five (co-driver, driver, hostess and 2 bartenders) and has a full sized exclusive bar. It is 70’ long and 460 square feet in width and has optimum luxury. The price tag for this limo is around $2.5 million.

5.     Century Royal- Toyota

This is a four door limo and is produced in Japan by the Japanese car tycoon for the Emperor of Japan. There are only 4 units of this limo built since 2006. Security measures are all built in the limo for the protection of the royal family of Japan. The limousines runs on a 5-liter V12 engine, it has a 6-speed automatic transmission system, leather compartment and granite steps for entry. This royal limo is worth $534,138.

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