Top 5 Must Have SEO Tools and Online Service

Top 5 Must Have SEO Tools and Online Service

To successfully provide SEO services or do your own work as a webmaster, you need tools. SEO tools and services can make your life easier and they can make you more productive.

While they can’t accomplish everything and end your dependence on outsourcing entirely, they do play a significant role. They can automate tasks that aren’t practical to do manually.

Below you will find 5 must have SEO tools and online services that your business should be using regularly:

#1 – ProRankTracker

Rank tracking services show where your website ranks on Google for specific keyword phrases, which is important to monitoring your progress and knowing the results of your work. Pro Rank Tracker is a cost-effective option in rank tracking. The rankings appear to be accurate and they are updated daily. You can track 500 keyword phrases for $25 a month, which is decently priced too. If you only have one or two websites, there’s even a free plan for tracking less than 50 keyword phrases.

If you monitor rankings for your clients or would like a report for your own sites, there’s an export option that displays graphs and statistical data in a presentable way. It’s a great report for making a lasting impression on clients. The report is white label and there’s no company branding as long as you’re a paying customer and not using the free plan.

Rank tracking is an important aspect of search engine optimization and without it, you wouldn’t know whether your efforts are working.

#2 – BuzzBundle

This software was developed by SEO Powersuite and it’s one of the best tools they have released yet.

BuzzBundle manages multiple personas and all of your social networking accounts for those personas. You can easily switch between your social accounts or create a brand new one while staying within the software. Existing social profiles are easy to add and getting setup with the software takes only a few minutes.

The software helps you make posts, message, and comment on forums, make tweets, comment on blogs, and more. You can automate the scheduling of posts and announcements, use proxies, and take advantage of the softwares built in browser that allows you to get engaged in conversions directly.

It’s also great for reputation management and natural link building

BuzzBundle will monitor brand or keyword mentions for your websites and find links to your site from social media. You can monitor these discussions and join in to enhance the image of your brand in the public eye. Creating natural links is easy when you’re engaged in conversion and contributing to your social status new website design also helps in growing traffic of the blog .

#3 – LinkAssistant

Link building is now about creating niche relevant links from actual websites in your industry.

One of the best tools for white hat link building is LinkAssistant.

The software provides a built in interface for managing email communication with website owners. You can create statuses for emails and easily see where you are at in the communication process when contacting websites with link opportunities.

It’s the perfect tool for guest posting and other legitimate approaches to building links for your website. You will always have to contact the site owner at some point to make your pitch and secure the link. LinkAssistant manages that process for you and makes it easier to maintain communication with website owners.

The software also provides a link directory builder for your own website, in case you’d like to build reciprocal links. There’s even a tool for monitoring which partners are still linking back, which you can use to stay current with your link directory.

#4 – Zennoposter

Do you currently outsource online tasks to freelancers or have your own employees?

Zennoposter can automate web-based tasks for you and limit the amount of money you spend on outsourcing. It’s great for SEO companies that have repetitive tasks that are currently managed manually. For instance, adding posts to a WordPress blog, adding tags to posts, and sending emails, using online services and more. These are just a few of the tasks that Zennoposter can automate.

What’s the catch?

The software isn’t for everyone. A background in programming will help significantly and it can take 10-20 hours to learn how to use it effectively. Unless you’re ready to dedicate yourself or pay an employee to learn to use the software, you won’t be able to create a useful bot.

#5 – Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo has a completely free version and it’s a great tool for thinking up new ideas for guest posts or blog additions.

By searching a keyword phrase, Buzzsumo will bring back articles from authority sites. These are articles with a high number of shares on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Google. In other words, they are viral articles that surround trending topics. These are the types of articles you need to be providing on your own website and with your guest post content.

This software is great for content marketing and the Pro plan provides mention monitoring and alerts that can be important to reputation management. Building your brand is easier when you have Buzzsumo to do the dirty work.

Author Bio: Dylan is the owner of CopyThrive, where internet marketing thrives. Their free guides on website marketing are excellent resources for today’s entrepreneurs.

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