Top 5 Online Website Builders For Free

Top 5 Online Website Builders For Free

I know you are fed up of purchasing a domain and lifetime server for so much cost and paying as per the plans yearly and monthly. Why don’t you choose the easy and fast way to create websites and show your presentation?  And around the web there are many hundreds of free website providers, but getting free and good one not easy as you think.

After many fails and reviews only few Websites Builder and Blog builder came on top. So here I would like to show and explain top 5 free website builders, which are easy to install and start posting.

Google Sites

There is nothing we can say about Google platform, how genuine it is in providing websites and blogs millions of people creating their websites using Google Sites and earning some sufficient money with it using Google Adsense.

And you no need to have extra knowledge of coding, HTML, CSS, PHP and etc. to create website, you will slowly understand how to use it. It is completely free and easy to use.


Wix came on top after much research and reviews, you can create your wish website using some layout functions, no need to worry about any specific languages like, Html, PHP, and CSS and so on. It is risk free to create, customize and easy to understand.

You can add links music, video files common as all other paid websites. It is soft functioning and maintains up to date.


DevHub is mixed with a lot of fun such as, money making tools, Guided site-editing, social features integrated in it. DevHub website builder doesn’t need any special tricks to go on process with it, the features and options will make you easily understand to create a new website for you.


Light weight, easy to create and customize, and make your dream featured website with SnapPages. Maybe little Computer knowledge and some tactics are required to make your website look more beautiful. Creating a website with SnapPages also doesn’t need any special knowledge like Java, CSS, PHP, and so on. It is so easy to add social network icons, showing your recent posts with attractive design and many attractive features.


You can Manage, Create, customize, add themes, and adding social network icons for pages and posts and many features with only few easy steps. As said before there is no need of any special knowledge to customize and showing attractive layout of your website. It is engaging features like blogs, photos, videos, forums and may more.

Author bio: Subash is a freelance writer that enjoys writing about a variety of different topics. If you would like to find out more about online store coupons simply visit

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