TOP 5 Perfect Shopping Malls in Dubai

For several consecutive years Dubai ranks the second position among the most popular destinations for shopping. The abundance of shopping malls in Dubai is considered to be a unique cultural phenomenon, which gives the city a peculiar charm.

At the same time people go to Dubai not only for a memorable shopping, but also to have a great time, to chill out, to watch interesting movies, to smoke hookah, etc. Dubai’s shopping centers offer much more than simply shopping! Want to know which of the malls are especially interesting to visit? Let’s find it out!

Wafi Mall

This mall with traditional motifs of pyramids, pharaohs, sphinxes and hieroglyphs will let you experience the atmosphere of the ancient Egypt. Wafi Mall is a true architectural gem, built in the form of a glass pyramid. Light colors, marble mosaic in the corridors, stained glass, crowning the dome and two sphinxes decorating the entrance make a striking impression.


Wafi Mall is located in Bur Dubai near Umm Hurair district and offers over 250 designer boutiques and shops. A link building connects the mall with “The Pyramid” entertainment complex. You can spend the time in excellent restaurants and bars, visit a multi-purpose outdoor area named “Rooftop Gardens”, listen to the live music or watch classic movies there. In addition, there’s a family entertainment center named “Encounter Zone”, which is incredibly popular among locals and travelers.

Also, you can witness a light show dedicated to the theme of Egypt, which takes place in front of the mall every evening. For sure, a visit to Wafi Mall will be a significant event in your life!

Dragon Mart

In case you are interested in Chinese goods, then you should opt for this original shopping mall, located in the International City district.
Dragon Mart is built in the shape of a dragon lying on the ground. The total length of the shopping center is around 1.2 km. The building includes eight equipped warehouses, twenty-five residential buildings, exhibition halls, offices and conference rooms. Almost 4000 shops offer customers a wide variety of goods. You can find there everything you might wish for. Both the interior and decoration of the building are reminding of China.

In Dragon Mart you can attend a wonderful sale-exhibition of traditional products of artisans from China, watch dance performances, demonstrations of kung fu techniques, taste Chinese snacks, and decorate the kites. In general, Dragon Mart is a great place where you can admire another cultural world and immerse in a relaxed atmosphere!

Ibn Battuta Mall

The famous Arab traveler of the XIV century Ibn Battuta, better known to us as Sinbad the Sailor, spent most of his life traveling to Asia and the Middle East. Would you like to repeat his experience? Then you need to visit Ibn Battuta Mall, named in honor of the traveler!


The shopping complex consists of six pavilions, each one dedicated to the specific country, visited by Ibn Battuta. The pavilions are decorated in the style typical of those countries during the Middle Ages, which represents a very interesting design solution. A fascinating trip to Ibn Battuta Mall will bring you lots of wonderful impressions, since you’ll be able to visit six countries within one day!

Lamcy Plaza

This interesting mall represents a small London. Therefore, if you want to see the Tower Bridge, albeit in a miniature, you should visit this original shopping center. Even if your budget for shopping is not big, don’t despair, because the Lamcy Plaza is famous for the best prices in Dubai. The mall offers a special bonus system, the essence of which is to accumulate points for the purchased goods. Subsequently, the required number of points can be exchanged for prizes. Isn’t it tempting to become the owner of a nice gift after successful shopping?


Moreover, this five-stored mall is perfect for family shopping. Many families opt for Lamcy Plaza because there’s a toy department considered to be the largest one in Dubai, as well as a nice play zone, where parents can leave their children under the supervision of experienced tutors for a while.

A local radio transmits music hits at the request of the visitors, which contributes to feeling positive and brings an excellent mood to everyone!

Mercato Mall

You have the unique opportunity to stroll along the streets of Italian towns if you visit Mercato Mall located in the elite Jumeirah-1 district. Another name of the mall is “the Italian market”. It offers the clothes of Italian, French and Spanish brands.
The atmosphere of the Italian trade streets is recreated in the mall with fair accuracy. A countless number of excellent cafes, restaurants and shops on the three shopping areas of Mercato Mall allow the visitors to combine shopping and recreation time easily.

In addition to the abundance of goods in the mall, there are magicians and illusionists entertaining the guests. Your children can learn the art of magic tricks in the “Magic Academy” and become the spectators of entertainment programs. Various cultural and musical events organized in the Mercato Mall will make your stay in such a wonderful place very fascinating!

Finally, it is worth mentioning that if you are going to spend around a week in Dubai, you can profit from using a rental car within the period of your stay in the city.

Shopping in Dubai can be very exciting, because there are lots of spectacular places where you can both make nice purchases, and do something nice when you get bored. So, have you made up your mind yet, which of the malls you are going to have fun in?

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