Top 5 Tips To Manage An Automotive Repair Shop Successfully

Top 5 Tips To Manage An Automotive Repair Shop Successfully

Today, most car owners have become wary of whom to trust their vehicles with— no one is visiting just any auto repair dealer in case of emergencies. It’s like most people now fancy sticking to one trustworthy dealer.  In order to stay in business and win a clients trust, you have to ensure you are that trusted auto repair dealer, below are five ways to go about it;

  1. Come up with an Ethics Statement and put it on display

The power of the first impression can never be overlooked in any business. Since most customers have the notion that auto mechanics offer poor quality services, come up with an ethics statement that describes your stand on doing an honest and trustworthy job.

Clearly make it known that you offer unswerving services and don’t intend to rip-off anyone. Point out that you’ll only work on essential repairs and won’t charge customers for services they don’t require. After brainstorming and creating what you consider the perfect ethics statement, display it where anyone who visits your shop anyone can see it.

  1. Back your good work with guarantees

Assure your customers that you trust your own job by offering guarantee repairs for specific amount of time or distance. For example, if you work on a flat tire, make sure you are not doing sloppy work that will bring them back to your shop in a few days for another repair. Give your clients a reason to trust the excellence of your service and make them consider your shop the first stop in future.

  1. Reduce the rate of your staff turnover

Ensuring consistency and steadiness is key to any auto repair shop. However, achieving this is almost impossible when your company has a high rate of staff turnover. These unplanned changes in staff may lead to inexpert new employees who need guidance into better mechanics which may take a lot of take time.

The best way to reduce the rate of employee turnover is by treating all staff well, giving first-rate benefits and offering good payments. Moreover, clients feel more comfortable visiting a shop where they meet the same mechanics every time they drive in for a repair. No one wants to go to an auto shop where each time they stop over they are assigned a different mechanic to work on their auto.

  1. Reward Loyal Customers

Customers will fall in love with your good job but giving rewards from time to time may get them even closer. Your regular clients should feel appreciated for their loyalty. Giving discounts on services offered or a free oil change now and again are good ways to appreciate regulars. Don’t worry about running losses because in the long run you will end up with a customer base that will not only be indebted to you, but won’t go elsewhere for auto repairs. As an added advantage, such customers may recommend your shop to their friends and family.

  1. Go for an automotive repair finance program

An automotive repair consumer finance program provided by FAM will give your shop the ability to sell reasonably priced payments, catch the attention of more customers, and help you grow your sales.  The program will also allow you to break down your overall repair costs into more affordable monthly payments, which makes it easier for you to appeal to customers who are not able to afford the full cost of your services.

Running a successful automotive shop is a battle that can only be won with the right weapons at hand. With most customers developing a negative attitude towards auto repair dealers, you must give anyone who stops over a reason to come again. With the above tips you are more than ready to hit the road to success.

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