TOP 7 Most Common Mistakes Made By Drivers

TOP 7 Most Common Mistakes Made By Drivers

Forbes magazine frequently makes lists of the richest people, but this time it decided to surprise everyone by making a list of the most common mistakes that drivers make.

TOP 7 Most Common Mistakes Made By Drivers

Texting while Driving

Very often drivers get distracted by their mobile phones. Every day in the United States 6,000 accidents occur and the main cause of which is that the drivers text to their loved ones and friends. In California, even a special law was issued, which prohibits texting while driving. Do not put yourself and others at risk! We recommend you select Ford Mustang or any other car that supports hands-free and instead of texting you could just make a call via this technology and be able to keep your eyes on the road without jeopardizing anyone’s life!

Driving when Drunk

More than 50% of all accidents in which people die are due to drinking of alcoholic beverages. On average in the United States every two minutes someone dies because of drunk drivers. If you had a drink – you must not drive a car!

Weather Conditions

About 20% of all traffic accidents occur due to bad weather conditions where drivers often do not have time to react to the emergence of obstacles or oncoming cars. We suggest you not drive in bad weather, but it case you absolutely have to, you should drive as slowly as possible.

Excessive Emotions

Very often, the cause of serious traffic accidents is due to a bad emotional state of the driver. In such situations, drivers almost lose control of their car, which can lead to an accident. It is proved that about 50% of all drivers who had a fight with someone before driving do not control the situation on the road.

Poor Eyesight

When driving a vehicle 95% of all information a driver receives via their eyes, therefore you should a have excellent eyesight. Often, driver’s poor eyesight leads to traffic accidents especially at nighttime.

Seat Belt

Seat belt is the most effective means of preventing fatal injuries in an accident. Very often drivers ignore safety belts- it is belts that save tens of thousands of people involved in an incident. Driving when you feel sleepy significantly reduces the time of reaction, which inevitably leads to a crash. If you feel that you are sleepy, it is best to cancel the trip or take a taxi if possible.

Breaking the Speed Limit

About 13% of all traffic accidents occur due to significant overspeed, especially in bad weather. In 33% of such accidents one or more people dies. Do not underestimate the bad weather and always observe speed limits on the road! However you can always find the seller of Lamborghini Gallardo or Audi R8 and buy such cars, but remember that if you drive at a high speed you endanger other people’s lives!

Remember when driving a car, you become responsible not only for your life but for the lives of people around you.

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