Top 5 Things in Choosing the Right Audio Transcription Company

Most of us believe that if we want something done right, we’d rather do it ourselves but there comes a time when we need somebody’s help. Let’s face it, we can’t handle everything on our own. For a business to grow we need to make wise decisions and part of that is choosing the right people to be on our team. When you rely on someone for your work, don’t you want to have trust and confidence in that person? Same thing goes for choosing your partner for your transcription business; you need to choose someone who can deliver your files accurately and of course is able to meet your deadline. Here are the top five things you should know when choosing the right audio transcription company for you.
Audio Transcription Company

1. Dependability.

A transcription company has to be dependable. You want a company that can meet your expectations when it comes to quality, turnaround time, and also be able to meet your volume of files. Choose a company that values quality and turnaround time at the same time because the two of them are intertwined, you don’t want all your files to be there in just a few hours but suffer in quality and you surely don’t want it to be all perfect but incomplete. A company should also be able to meet your workload. Check how many people they hire so you’ll know if they can meet your workload.

2. Reputation.

You want a company that has built up a reputation of delivering and meeting what is needed. Request testimonials from their clients and find out what their experiences were working with this company. It’s a given fact that if a service is sought-after, there will be plenty of recommendations for them, so check out companies that are highly recommended by other respected businesses.

3. Methodology.

Know how the company operates. Your transaction with them should be smooth and easy and that involves sending as well as receiving files. Uploading files, especially with large volumes can take tremendous amount of time, so ask your potential transcription company on how they process their files.

4. Cost.

We want to pay a low price for everything, but when it comes to relying on someone to do our work, you get what you pay for. A good company may charge more than a cheaper one but if that cheap one delivers poor quality and turnaround time, wouldn’t you rather pay a little more? However, there are cheap ones that produce high quality and fast turnaround time, outsourcing for example. You can pay a low price but you really have to find good ones that can deliver.

5. Communication.

You should be able to assess their capabilities. Try sending them a test file and see if they can produce high quality and fast turnaround time. Try to gauge their strengths and weakness and provide feedback. If you feel that company can meet your needs whether it’s a company that’s highly recommended, a company trying to make a name for itself, or a cheap one, it’s up to you to decide on your chosen partner. Communication with your chosen transcription company is the key in order for both to succeed.
Archie de Lara is medical transcriptionist who enjoys blogging about audio transcription. He recommends Rev, a new and interesting player in the audio transcription space.

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