Top Honda Cars To Own and Relish

There are many car models from various brands of manufacturers from across the globe. There are many product guides which have listed Honda as the car of choice due to the long standing good show from the company. Honda follows top grade standards in engineering and has evolved as a vehicle manufacturing company. There was a time when their models were considered more suited for the slightly aged populace. However, with words like Jazz and funky now forming part of the brand, Honda has gone in for a makeover.

There are a number of options from Honda which are worth owning and will surely provide a lot of delight such as:

Honda Civic – R:

This is a very well made hatchback automobile with and is turbo charged. The issues present include a manual gear box, suspension which is stiff and a questionable body kit. This vehicle can deliver a lot of speed and what makes it a treat to drive are a gear shift with a speed of six, very sensitive brakes, tight and clenched front end. The car will make you want to keep the pedal on inspite of the lack of adjustability on the throttle or much feel on the steering.


The Accord offers horse powers (HP) of 185 and comes with the options of sedan and coupe both. The sports version for the Accord is slightly higher in HP at 189. He models above Ex as well as EX have the features of android auto and CarPlay by Apple.


The model Jazz is currently in its third avatar. The car has previously attracted the older demography largely due to facts like fuel efficiency but not as much the youth due to lack of a personalisation. The new car had been launched with a new target audience in objective with higher inside quality. This is a single engine car with a four petrol pot capacity of 1.3 Litre. It is a great vehicle to own but has not been able to shed the soul of a work man.


This car was a very risky effort by the company at trying to make a car which is a bit of sports and a bit more regular. It is a six speed 130 hp with four cylinder pairs of 1.5 litres and an electric motor. While the styling was very audacious the car has unfortunately found wanting in performance.


The sedan segment has largely seen Honda a lot due to this car. This car is priced in a manner that it between the civic hatches and the Jazz. This car has been big seller in India and has established the brand in the luxury sedan segment. It has a front with a downward nose and a very big trunk or boot.

Honda is coming with futuristic and bold designs in Tarrytown and also providing many dynamic improvements and is definitely a car brand to watch out when next considering a buy.

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