Top Online Adventure Games

In today’s world of Internet and Media, games play an important and vital role in the field of gaming. There are many games and gaming consoles available in the market online and offline. There are many online adventure games available on the internet that one can play online with help of Internet connection. There are many varieties of online adventure games that can be played online. These online adventure games enable the players to play without installing the games on the computer. The online adventure games are very handy and they can be played by anyone.

Top Online Adventure Games

The online adventure games are an astonishingly excellent basis of psychological motivation and inspiration.  The benefits of online adventure games is that they are available free of charge and helps in increasing skillfulness. There are many sites available that provide paid as well as free of charge online adventure games.

There are many Online Adventure Games such as:

Upshift Strikeracer

Upshift StrikeRacer is an online game proposed for wagon warfare game lovers along with fast game stages. In the plot, one can visualize ethe extra ordinary encounter of drive a race car fixed with hefty regulation at great swiftness and bashing the opponents. The layouts and designs are user friendly and it does not require many efforts to understand the controls. Various other cars, arms and accessories related to the vehicle can be purchased in the games depending on the status and standing one makes in Upshift Strikeracer.

HEAT Online

HEAT Online is an online adventure game designed for multiple players. It was also recognized as Project Torque. It empowers the player to encounter the excitements of great acceleration and pace along with ten different amazing cars to choose from. The game facilitates the players to contest the players with various tracks.

S4 League

S4 League is a Shooting action game developed for action lovers and it offers multiplayer option to players to enjoy the game with other players from any part of the world. The gameplay offers various game styles and stages that one requires to contest with other players. The game also offers many characters that one can select for the particular stage along with many arms and munitions. It also offers many miraculous abilities to fight.  A strong theme and tactical game plot does really make this online adventure game as certain enjoyable game.


Blackshot is a free first person online adventure game developed with the game play of eliminating the opponents, making currency and developing as the commander. There are many characters available for the game play that one can select and play the game with the help of weapons and arms.

Alliance of Valiant Arms

Alliance of Valinat Arms is a multi-player online game designed for first person shooter. It provides hysterical adventure for a modernized combat encounter. The game comprises of the two Special Forces trying to abolish each other on brutal battle fields. The game includes accessing of various different positions such as Sniper, Point man and Rifleman as per the assets, strengths, benefits and weakness of the character. The player can pick the character of his choice for the game play and can advance the character with inimitable abilities by obtaining various skill sets during the game play. The game can be played as a single or multiplayer as per the convenience with friends and relatives.

Blacklight: Retribution

It is a free online adventure game with innovative weaponries, ammunitions, visuals and actions personalized and can be experienced on different stages.  The players can attain the help of several available freebies on numerous particular stage in order overcome the opponents and various assassinations. The game is developed for windows platform.


Tremulous is a free online adventure game designed for the players to form a squad and is first player shooting game which works on all platforms. The general purpose of the game play is to abolish the oppositions with help of several weapons and armors. The player should not only eliminate the opponent but also eradicate their seed arrangements. The game enables the player to choose their character between human and alien. If the player has selected human as a character, the human character is rewarded with certain points by killing the alien. The more the number of aliens killed, higher is the number of points. These points can be utilized in buying new weapons and advancement of weapons. If the player has selected alien as a character, the alien character is rewarded with certain capability of growing into a new form of alien by killing a human. The more number of humans killed the more dominant and great is the alien grows.

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