Top Tire Safety Tips

Top Tire Safety Tips

Tires are one of the most important features of a vehicle when it comes to you and your passengers’ safety. Your life is quite literally riding on your tires each time you pull that vehicle out of park. Unfortunately, many car owners do not put the necessary time and effort into taking care of this important aspect of their vehicle. If you really want to ensure you, your vehicle, and your passengers are traveling safely, following proper tire safety procedures is imperative.

Frequently Check Tire Pressure

            Making sure your tires are at the right pressure not only reduces your chances of a blowout, but also can produce better gas mileage. Improper tire inflation is one of the leading causes of tire failure, meaning that under or over inflated tires is quite a risk. Consult your owner’s manual to find out the recommended pressure for your specific vehicle. It is advised that you check your tire pressure at least monthly and quickly adjust accordingly.

Inspect Wear and Tear

            How much and how far you drive your vehicle can determine how often you need to check on the wear and tear of your tires. The best way to do this is just by thoroughly looking over each of your tires for cracks, bulges, uneven wear, or signs of puncture. The recommended method for checking the life of the tread is by placing a penny with Lincoln’s head upside down on the lower part of the tread. If Lincoln’s head is still covered, your tire tread isn’t a loss just yet. If the tread doesn’t reach Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires.

Top Tire Safety Tips

Rotate Tires

            On the note of inspection, rotating tires is the best way to thoroughly use your tires to their fullest extent. Check your owner’s manual for a more exact timeline of when to rotate your tires, but the average is usually around every 6,000 miles. This creates even wear and tear on your tires and maximizes the length of time that they are of use to you.

Keep Tires Balanced

            It will be pretty obvious to you if your tires are unbalanced. When your vehicle reaches higher speeds and proceeds to make a loud thumping noise, it’s time to take your vehicle to the mechanic. Tires that are out of balance not only harm the tires, but also many other areas of the vehicle. Leaving tires out of balance can cause hefty injury to your vehicle’s overall condition.

Don’t Install Single Tires

            Need a new tire? Don’t get just one. It’s best to replace tires in at least sets of two, if not all four. Replacing only one of the tires can cause imbalance in your vehicle and cause further problems. You will also want the new tires to go in the rear if you only get two at a time, as your vehicle will experience more stability in this case.

            These are just a few basic tips for tire safety and care when it comes to your vehicle. By staying informed and keeping to a schedule, your tires will have a better chance of staying in tiptop shape and keeping you and your passengers safe.

Written by the staff of Custom Complete Automotive. Custom Complete is your go to solution for the best car repair, inspections and an oil change Columbia MO has to offer.

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