Toyota Prius 2016 Isn’t Going To Be Better Than Before?

Rumour has it, Toyota Prius will be far better than the previous models in several aspects. As we can evidently see from the demand of previous Prius models which have been quite successes despite their ups and downs one can safely assume the next model will certainly be a good hit.

First of all it is being redesigned and being given a whole new look which comprises the sun roof which will be on the front side and secondly, the car body is much lighter in weight making it much more rigid. Full specifications of the model have not been disclosed yet but from what we know with surety is that the new model has a larger back seat and new eagle shaped front lights.

The engine will also be more powerful than before (offering up to 150 horsepower). However, a valid question still provokes the thought whether the new Prius will have a longer battery life and/or will the batteries be any cheaper than the previous models.   Prius has a one big advantage that it is fuel efficient and offers a higher mileage than the gasoline-fuelled cars, but so much so, this advantage is compromised with the disadvantage of the batteries having a useful life of either 8 or 10 years after which they have to be replaced and the cost of replacement is much higher than the fuel consumption that is saved by them during this time period despite the fact that a fuel consumption oriented car is cheaper than the hybrid Toyota Prius but it is compromised when the battery expense is taken into account.

Another factor comes into consideration which seems to be adding to this cost. The tax permits are very high on Toyota Prius and used Toyota Prius with cleared permits are therefore high in demand and their prices are also charged at premiums than those without cleared permits, also incorporating the battery life left. Its owners, most often, also find difficulty shifting between its gasoline and battery consumption counterparts.

For those who haven’t driven Toyota Prius before are recommended to test drive it first as it’s drive is much different from the conventional drive so that the difference from the usual conventional drive can be realized.

If we literally consider the issue of Toyota Prius battery expense to be minimized or its life extended one can imagine Toyota Prius 2016 to be the ideal car of the year giving tough time all its category competitors comprising the conventional cars e.g. Honda Civic and even its own inner company competitors e.g. other family brands of Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry etc.

The drive will certainly become smoother and will appear to be much more in demand and competitive than Toyota Prius’ previous models.

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