Types Of Garage Doors

Even if you need garage door repair in Chesapeake VA on short notice, make sure you’re dealing with professionals who are familiar with many different styles of doors. That way, you’ll be able to get the best service possible. People who know how to handle your specific type of door will get the job done faster.They’ll also do it better then a company that only specializes in a single type of door.

Strength of Steel

Steel doors are one of the most popular types in the country. Any good garage door service in Chesapeake VA should be able to repair and install this type of equipment with relative ease. Steel doors are strong and offer a long life with little to no maintenance. When they do breakdown, it might be because of a bent track or broken springs and cables. Even though the doors themselves rarely succumb to weathering or damage, a professional will be able to handle such issues if they arise.

Beauty of Wood

Wooden garage doors require significant maintenance when compared to most other options. However, they offer a natural and vintage feel that’s highly desirable, especially in well appointed homes. These doors can be constructed with various traditional designs while still offering all the convenience of a modern garage door. An expert in garage door repair in Chesapeake VA can also perform preventative maintenance on this type of door.

Versatile Vinyl

Vinyl garage doors are increasingly popular due to the huge variety of designs available. Vinyl can be shaped and molded to imitate almost any existing style or to create an entirely new one. It has the added benefit of being relatively inexpensive and requiring almost no maintenance at all. These doors are a lightweight, which means they put less strain on garage door openers and are often quieter during operation.

Even if you’re not experiencing mechanical problems, you should reach out to a garage door repair professional when you suspect your vinyl door has other types of damage. Signs of vinyl decay include visible cracks or soft spots. You might also see a phenomenon known as chalking, where a powdery residue starts to appear on the surface of your garage door. This happens after many years of exposure to ultraviolet radiation, so if you have an old vinyl door you might want to get it checked.

Withstanding Wind

Regions like the Chesapeake area that are prone to extreme seasonal weather often require extraordinary measures to protect homes. As most homeowners in these areas know, it’s not usually wind itself that damages property. Instead, objects are blown around in violent storms, crashing into homes. That’s why wind load garage doors exist. These special types of home improvements can protect property from excessive storm damage. The materials comprising these doors are tested in laboratories in order to make sure they can withstand high speed projectiles in simulated hurricanes.
Whether you need garage door repair in Chesapeake VA or you’re looking to install a new door altogether, make sure you get a company that has a thorough knowledge of the business and materials. This way, you have access to all the relevant information when it comes time to decide between wind load technology, steel, vinyl or wood doors. Try contacting a company directly for more detailed information and estimates.

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