Typical Service Offerings To Expect From A Car Valet Service

Lots of people these days don’t realize exactly what the difference is in simple car detailing, and the more varied offerings of a car valet service. If you ask the internet, there is no difference; it is just a different name for the same thing. However, that is not the case at all. Although they do mesh on some points, car valet services are quite a lot more extensive than car detailing. In this article we will discuss some of the services that you can expect from a car valet service.

Obtain a Clear Understanding of the Work to be Completed

When you engage a car valeting service, you can expect them to return your vehicle to you in a spic and span condition. They will clean, polish, buff and wax your car to make it look as close to a brand new car as it is possible for it to look. Car valet service professionals will clean your wheels, wash and polish the bodywork and then wax it all. They will shine up all the plastic and clean the tires including the rims. Likely they will utilize a clay bar to get out all of the debris from the paint job, like tar spots, tree sap and iron filings, all of which dull the look of your expensive paint job and make it feel rough.

They will Work on the Exterior and Interior

When valet service professionals work on the exterior of the car, they will use a variety of chemicals and several different tools to clean all the awkward areas not reached in a day to day car wash, leaving the vehicle in close to showroom condition. The interior of the vehicle would then be completely vacuumed out; the upholstery would be chemically cleaned, including the headliners, trim and carpets.

Basic Car Valet Service and Extras

That is what is offered from a basic car valet service; however more and more services are starting to offer a lot more than just an extensive car cleaning. If you have allergies for instance, there are car valet packages that can clean your vehicle in a way that will eliminate all odors, bacteria and leave your car as near to hypoallergenic as it is possible to do.

Premium Car Valet Service

Premium car valet services offer protection plans, so that you know your car will be safe in their capable hands. We spend a lot on our vehicles, we want to keep them in premium condition for as long as possible, and with various protection plans we can rest assured in the care of our vehicles. Paint protection, in case your paint gets chipped, bumper and mirror repair services, wheel refurbishing, all of these things are offered in a great car valet service.

Some even go one step further; they can take your car to its top quality by getting repairs done on it, getting transmission work done and even full body restoration. These services go so far beyond simple detailing, they cannot be considered that, this is true valet service, personal and detailed. You can even utilize their services to store and ship your vehicle if need be.


People often confuse car valeting and detailing simply because they offer some of the same basic services. However, car detailing stops at these very basic services and often has been shown to produce subpar results. Car valet services are customer oriented; they always have you in mind and strive to produce results to be proud of. The personal touch is what makes a car valet service really stand out, and with most having satisfaction guarantees and protection plans, you can rest easy knowing your car will be returned to you in shining perfection.

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