Uncontainable Beauty: Shipping Container Homes

A recent trend in the world of architecture and construction industry, homes made from cargo container units are becoming increasingly popular worldwide for a number of reasons: from their sustainability and eco-friendly properties to modularity, affordability and versatility of use, container houses and purpose-specific facilities may yet turn out to be the architectural movement of the century. If you’re eager to learn more about cute-yet-functional container-made houses, we have a perfect selection of structural ideas and designs right here, so scroll down and find the green place of your dreams built from quite possibly the cheapest material out there.

Uncontainable Beauty: Shipping Container Homes

Adam Kalkin’s Container Homes

A brainchild of New Jersey-based architect Adam Kalkin, this shipping container home is an ideal blend of design and functionality. Made from recycled cargo containers, this cool home was designed as a ‘house within a house’, since it sports small housing units inside a massive overall structure. The indoor and outdoor areas are connected by large sliding glass doors and each of the internal units is furnished in a unique aesthetic-yet-practical style. With full-scale living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms, Kalkin’s container home is one of the best examples of contemporary cargotecture, so check it out if you’re short on ideas on how to arrange your own cargo container home.

Uncontainable Beauty: Shipping Container Homes

Benjamin Garcia Saxe’s Containers of Hope

Built for as little as $40,000, Containers of Hope is a trendy residence in Costa Rica which aims to achieve balance of form and function against a marvelous natural backdrop. With a very sleek and modern design, Containers of Hope was built by Benjamin Garcia Saxe whose mission in creating the container-based structure was to eliminate needless components and focus on the amenities and accessories that really matter. With huge glass windows looking out to the horizon, Containers of Hope covers a total area of 1,000 feet and is furnished with state-of-the-art furniture for maximum comfort and style. A place of coziness, peace and intimacy, Garcia Saxe’s creation is truly a soulful masterpiece of modern design so have a glance at it before you settle for an average, mainstream house layout.

Uncontainable Beauty: Shipping Container Homes

Ecotech Design’s Cargo Container Home in Mojave Desert

Situated in the midst of the Mojave Desert, Ecotech Design’s majestic piece of shipping container architecture is truly a place worth visiting – or settling down in, for that matter. Stretching over 2,300 square feet, this stunning structure was made using six cargo containers transformed into an all-round housing area with plenty of natural light and an open-plan backyard. Inspired largely by eco-friendly designs and modern structural solutions, the Ecotech Design’s masterpiece combines ultimate energy efficiency and modularity of units, and it’s probably the best blend of function, style, sustainability and cost-efficiency you’ll find on the global housing market.

Uncontainable Beauty: Shipping Container Homes

Casa El Tiemblo by James & Mau Arquitectura 

Designed by James & Mau Arquitectura studio and built by Infiniski, Casa El Tiemblo consists of four 40-feet units situated in Spain’s province of Avila. The project cost totaled to as little as € 140,000 and for this economical price tag, you get all the features and amenities found in conventional brick-and-mortar homes, like a spacious kitchen, open living area with huge glass windows, a couple of cozy bedrooms and a stylish bathroom – all decked out with stylish furnishings designed with functionality and comfort in mind. The two-story structure doesn’t look classy from the outside – but don’t be fooled by its industrial-looking blue exterior: inside this container home, you’ll be able to enjoy moments of peace and quiet with lots of fresh air getting in through the sliding doors that connect the interiors with surrounding patios outfitted with chic outdoor furniture and decorative details.

Container houses are very popular nowadays, and rumor has it that U.S. authorities are planning to build a full-scale Chicago container city soon – so why not give cargotecture a serious thought when designing your new home? Everybody else is doing it already.

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