UNWTO To Provide Libya Tourism Development

Throughout the 2013 WTM (World Travel Market) in London, under the contract signed, UNWTO will offer provision to Libya’s Ministry of Tourism in its planned tourism development during institutional governance and building, human resource development, marketing development and sustainable development. Importance will be provided to institutional building and governance along with the presence of technical support aimed at producing a unified tourism action plan, strategy and policy and also makeupdating in regulatory and legislative frameworks in this sector and solidify its organizational structure up to a large extent.

Libya Tourism

About agreement

There are some important things revealed about an agreement. This contract is a very optimistic step in the sector of Libya tourism for its revival and confirms the commitment of the UNWTO to Libya throughout this duration of national development and rebuilding. The tourism sector will improve the image of the country around the world and contribute towards the sustainable global development and growth. All such things were revealed by Taleb Rifai, a Secretary General of the UNWTO. It is all about the success and development in the tourism sector around the world.

Introduction to Libya and its contract facts

Libya is a nation in the Maghreb area of the North America surrounded by Egypt to the east, Chad and Niger to the south, Mediterranean Sea to the north and Sudan to the southeast. The 3 conventional sections of this nation are Cyrenaica, Fezzan and Tripolitania. It is the 17th largest nation around the world with the area of approximately 1.8 million square kilometers.

Ikram Bash Imam, the minister of the Libya Tourism said that this nation has countless prospective in the tourism and travel sector. This place a famous destination place in the era of 60’s and we wish to rank highest the rebuilding and development of the tourism sector of this nation. Tourism offers the greatest chance for both the purposes of employment and investment and it will provide a better and a great face for this nation. By contributing and linking hands with the UNWTO, we will try to work for implementing our strategic plan for the sake of sustainable development in the tourism sector.

The co-operation contract will make on the action plan of the Libya’s Ministry of Tourism to the sustainable development in the tourism sector with the support of both the private and public sector. The contract was an outcome of the mission of the UNWTO to Tripoli in the June, 2013 for accessing the specific requirements and expectations of the tourism sector of the Libyans.

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