Using Ozone Generator To Eradicate Mold Infestation

Many houses are affected by mold and it is important for us to fight back. There are many tools available for us and one of them is ozone generator. For homeowners who live in areas with possible mold infestation, it is a good to invest on an ozone generator. People with compromised immune system can’t properly deal with spores and this condition could cause various health problems. During the winter and cold days, the interior needs to be insulated and the internal air can become quite stagnant. During the summer, air circulation and natural UV light from the sun could significantly reduce the presence of spores and other small airborne objects. Ozone generator is a powerful tool that can kill mold on the wall and air.

Heavy mold concentration may cause higher concentration of mycotoxin. Ozone is particularly useful, because it can kill about 3000 times faster than solutions based on chlorine bleach. Spores are essentially seeds of molds and they are quite durable. Ozone is a gas with three oxygen atoms, while normal oxygen gas has two oxygen atoms. Ozone occurs naturally at the upper layer of our atmosphere and it gives our sky its bluish color. It is highly reactive and the one extra oxygen molecule will punch tiny holes in the hard spore shells. In a few seconds, any barrier can be penetrated, because ozone works at atomic-level. There’s no organic molecule that can withstand the onslaught of unpaired oxygen atoms from ozone.

Before using ozone generator equipment, we should make sure that we really have mold problem. Unfortunately, ozone generator is only part of the solutions and we should also do other things, such as removing water accumulation and make sure that the humidity level in vulnerable areas are quite low. It means that after mold and spores are eradicated, they will not find hospitable areas to thrive. However, with ozone generator, many people experience near instant relief and their health issues are quickly alleviated. This is the reason why ozone generator can be preferred in houses with occupants who have been medically affected by spores and mold infestation. In this case, we should reach a level where ozone can be considered as effective.

Many homeowners don’t know the proper level of ozone exposure for mold. This could cause them to run the machine for days without accomplishing noticeable effect. In fact, continuous presence of ozone inside the house could cause problems on rubber items, electronics can others. In this case, the ozone machine should produce a high amount of ozone for a few hours and this would be quite effective against mold and germs. The bare minimum level of ozone production for eradicating mold is about 14kg per hour. Short exposure of ozone inside the house should hard nothing but microorganisms, including mold and its spores. Mold is can be seen as pathogen and at more serious cases, it could grow on our skin, so it is important to eradicate infestation in house quickly.

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