Vacationing In Mexico: The State Of Mexico Is A Must See Mexican Destination

When it comes to vacationing in Mexico, the trip would not be complete without a stop in the State of Mexico, the heart of old Mexico. The clock seemingly has stopped in this historical landmark where natural wealth and architectural remains reminds visitors of the important historical figures that once lived here. The State of Mexico also offers a unique experience: the annual arrival of the Monarch Butterflies.

The State of Mexico offers five unique yet magical state towns to tour: Tepotzotlan, Valle de Bravo, Malinalco, El Oro and Metepec. Vacationers can tour the streets and mingle with the locals who offer a firsthand account of the rich history of each of the existing buildings and festivals. Touring the Route of Sor Juana will allow vacationers the opportunity to follow in the steps of the Tenth Muse and visit the State of Mexico’s volcanoes.

Vacationing In Mexico: The State Of Mexico Is A Must See Mexican Destination

The State of Mexico offers a wealth of history and culture via the well preserved historical landmarks. Teotihuacan is one of the oldest and most important ceremonial centers in pre-Hispanic America and is a must see for any vacationer in Mexico. Additionally, tourists can climb the Pyramid of the Sun, the second largest pyramid in Mexico, as well as the Pyramid of the Moon, which offers the best panoramic view of the entire region. Lastly, a visit to Teotenango del Valle will allow visitors to discover the fortified city of Teotenango.

Tour the modern capital city of Toluca. Among its narrow streets and adobe clad houses you will be able to breathe the colonial era. Make a stop at the Portals, built in 1832 and considered the largest in the country, with their 118 arches where the social and commercial life of the city is concentrated. As you walk through the historic center, taste some typical sweets which you will find in the Martyrs Square (Plaza de los Martires), sometimes music fills the air with some free concerts. Take time to admire the architecture of the Imposing Cathedral of San Jose de Toluca with Roman reminiscences.

The heritage of the city is not only demonstrated by the vast numbers of architectural remains, but also preserved is a multitude of museums. Vacationers simply cannot miss the Anthropology and Natural History Museum, the Modern Art Museum, the History of the Fine Arts or the Museum of Mexico State Culture.

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