Veracious Relationship Of Child With The Computer

Veracious Relationship Of Child With The Computer

The modern life is hard to imagine without a computer. From an early age, our children learn, play and develop with the computer. If you have not bought a computer for your child, then this day is just around the corner. The biggest problem of the computer, as, indeed, its dignity, in its endless fascination. And it is important to follow the elementary rules, so as not to spoil the vision and not to bend the spine. However, here are few speculations that should be accomplished to build a strong bonding of children with computers:

  • An appropriate time for the child buy a computer

Any child can buy a computer in 9-11 years. It is at this time that children actively comprehend the world, and here the computer can help in the development of certain skills. According to Psychologists, it is noted that working on a computer develops the habit of concentration. In educational games, you need to make quick decisions and immediately evaluate them, and a quick change of actions teaches not only to focus on one thing but also very quick to switch from one activity to another. Therefore, it is very important how much time the child spends on the computer.

  • An exact time for the child to be acceptable of using the computer

In this matter, you must be persistent and adamant, as with the dosage of medications. Time to study at the computer should be determined by you at once. A child under 7 years of age should not spend more than 15-25 minutes at the computer – and not every day. For children aged 8-10 years, the restriction is 20-30 minutes per day. In 10-12 years you can let sit at the computer for no more than an hour and a half.

  • Essential requirement to accurately organize a computer area

It is important that the monitor does not get direct sunlight and do not drop the glare from the lamp. It is better to place it in a corner or so that the back surface rests against the wall. But do not forget that the computer room should be well lit. Doctors recommend daily wet cleaning in a room with a computer, so try not to cover the entire floor in a children’s carpet or carpet. It is also useful to have an aquarium in the room. And do not forget to often ventilate the room of a small geek.

  • Perfect Posture of sitting for using the computer

Do not forget that the computer will be occupied by a child, not an adult, so the size of the computer desk and chair should match its growth. The best way to do this is to use a growing desk transformer and a growing ergonomic chair. Such furniture is adjusted for the growth of the child and allows you to create conditions for the correct fit and proper development of the child’s posture. Most models are equipped with rear attachments for the monitor. If you place a monitor on such a shelf, you will save your child’s vision, because it allows you to observe the recommended distance from the doctors to the monitor (50-60 cm from the child’s eyes). It is also recommended to place the monitor at an angle of 20-30 degrees relative to the center of the display.

  • It’s necessary to look after the computer impacts on child’s valuable eyes sight

The biggest burden falls on the eyes of a person sitting at a computer. Therefore, it is very important to protect the child from the unnecessary fatigue of the eyes. So do not be lazy to customize the monitor settings by adjusting the brightness and contrast so that you personally feel as comfortable as possible. If you do not have a liquid crystal monitor, be sure to ensure that the refresh rate of the screen is maximal as well.

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