Vintage Living Room Tips That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

The vintage living room is one of the noteworthy designs. And we are fascinating to make it as our outline today. Maybe some of you already heard about this unique design. The main idea in the vintage living room is bringing your living room into an old classic style. You know, putting some flowery shabby chic nuance in your furniture and wallpaper. However, you must pay attention on some elements to create such a unique vintage living room.

In this part, we would like to highlight some points, the very basic points that you will need in the vintage living room. So that’s why we pick vintage living room decorating ideas as our significant line. Sofa, coffee table, wallpaper, and lighting are the basic things that you should think about. So what are those? Let’s start our journey, then.

How to arrange vintage living room design

The first thing is the sofa. Yup, this is a very crucial thing in the vintage living room; I mean all of the living room. It’s kind of pointless if you can’t find the perfect sofa for your vintage living room. The material is the number one thing in sofa element. You should pick the best and comfortable material such as leather and fabric material. The special blue tufted sofa below will be suitable for your vintage living room.

Vintage living room mostly has a tight relationship with retro-classic style such as hairpin leg style and tufted detail. However, it is not always in the flowery fabric print, remember! See? You can pick the modest sofa below as your furniture in your vintage living room. Make sure that you can get the vintage nuance in your sofa so you can create such as balance in your vintage living room.Then next important thing for vintage living room sofa is about setting your sofa on the right spot and the perfect composition. It’s basically suitable for your minimalist living room but the point is almost the same. Bring your sofa to the back-center spot of your living room.

And before you find out the right spot of your sofa you better draw your living room layout first. You don’t need to draw it perfectly just scratch that makes you easier to put your sofa. You can make your main sofa in the middle with the coffee table in front of it and single sofa on each side. The point is it’s like a U-shaped design. See? It’s kind of simple, isn’t it?

A little tip for vintage living room decorating ideas is if you want to set a rug on it, make sure you apply it matching with its size. For example, if you choose the minimalist size, place it under your single sofa and coffee table are. So you can construct such a perfect balance. It looks so impeccable, isn’t it?Well, then are you ready to make your living room looking more attractive with this classic and beautiful idea? Let’s do the job right now then!

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