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We all know that most new students and potential artists are copying art for centuries. Since students would like to learn how to paint as their masters, the best way to do it is to copy their masterwork.

At the same time, the market for art reproductions increased in the last few decades because they represent affordable versions of famous paintings.

You should have in mind that only one institution and the individual can own an original painting, but people can easily find thousands of different reproductions of the same one for their personal needs.

Since the technology brought us to the point, where computers can create copying techniques, that also become a popular choice and it is challenging to distinguish it from the original.

If you want to check for new pieces of art that will provide you the possibility to enjoy and choose them for your household, you should visit artwork review service to see which ones are the best for you.

We will present you the essential tips that you should have in mind so that you can determine whether some work that you wish to buy is an original or reproduction.

Things You Will Need:

  • Good light, you should consider sunlight as the best way to determine
  • Jewelers loupe or magnifying glass

Difference in Surface

  • Artwork copies are usually drawn and painted on cardboard or stock paper. On the other hand, some reproductions can be printed on canvas and used varnishes so that you can see brushstrokes on it.
  • Original paintings are usually on panel, canvas, wood or paper.

Difference In Front

  • When it comes to oil paintings, you will be able to feel and see the texture on the paint. On the other hand, watercolor paintings feature an impression from the brush that you can see if you use a magnifying glass. Original paintings can have colors that overlap each other, which is the factor that will make it perfect. We recommend you to click here if you want to learn more about art forgery.
  • You should look for pencil sketches and under-drawing of the painting because most artists tend to sketch their idea first before they take the brush to start painting.
  • You can also see the uneven or rough application of pains at the edges of the work because artist new that the painting would feature a frame. Have in mind that first canvases used nails to be attached to a stretcher.
  • If you notice uneven paint that goes along the edge with nails, that are the indicators that you see original canvas and piece of art.
  • When it comes to copies, they are usually smooth and flat when compared with original artwork.
  • Sometimes people use textured paper with the idea to present brushstrokes into the paper. Therefore, you should check carefully with magnifying glass whether brushstrokes match with the painting. For instance, if you notice that one brushstroke goes from a white cloud and continues into the blue sky, it means that it is not original painting but only a texturized print. The main reason for that is that original artist had to change paint colors and therefore change the brushstroke when it reaches the cloud. Visit this link: learn more on how to determine whether a painting is reproduction or original.
  • Have in mind that photocopies can have a dot matrix pattern that you can see under magnification, which is another indication that you do not see an original piece.
  • If you notice some copyright information on the painting, it is a logical assumption that you are looking at a reproduction.

Difference In Back 

  • Original works tend to have labels from galleries and shows, and no one removed them because they are pieces of history that increase the value of the painting. Some artists can sign, date and title their work on the back, to make sure that everyone knows that they are the ones who made it.
  • At the same time, back of the painting will show you original hanging label and wire, and it will be clear whether you did the art on canvas, especially if you see the backside that will present your historical perspective of the artwork.


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