Warning Signs That Indicate Your Exhaust System Is Malfunctioning

Warning Signs That Indicate Your Exhaust System Is Malfunctioning

The exhaust system is an integral part of the car, and proper maintenance is vital. Although most car owners devalue the importance of constant inspection, failure to repair this part will affect the overall functioning of the car.

Most experts recommend that you replace your exhaust parts after every five years. Although, occasionally, there is a need to clean the accumulation of grime and salt to prevent corrosion of the elements. Opting for stainless exhaust parts is the best way to prolong the life span of your system.

How do you know that your exhaust system has defects?

Improper functioning of the engine

All car parts are interrelated, and a defect in one system will affect the others. The first warning sign in your engine is a noisy engine. If the manifold gasket of your exhaust system is leaking, it will produce a noise that resembles a hissing sound in your engine.

An engine is a significant determinant of the acceleration speed of your car. If you note that your vehicle is not accelerating in the right manner, ensure you inspect your exhaust system. Failure of prompt action will worsen the problem to the extent that your car cannot power up even with a full tank of fuel.

Also, the leakage can cause the accumulation of excessive heat in the engine and can lead to burning the internal parts. The smell from the burning parts will resemble a burning engine. Smoke is often a signal of burning internal components and needs immediate attention to avoid deterioration of the problem.

Increased use of fuel

A defective exhaust system increases the rate of fuel consumption in the car. Such car experiences strenuous activities due to a flawed system and will end up consuming more fuel. If you note an alarming rate of fuel consumption, it is vital to ensure you inspect your system.

Abnormal alignment of the exhaust system 

The improper alignment of the exhaust system is another alarming sign of a defective system. The exhaust parts can either hang or drag on the ground while you are driving. If it is a problem you can fix on your own, you can conduct a DIY repair or replacement. However, if you cannot troubleshoot the root of the problem, it is essential to consult a professional.

Gas emission inside your car

The smell of gas in your car is also an indication of a defective system. If the pipe that conducts the exhaust gases away from the vehicle has leaks, the emission of gases will redirect to the car. Gasoline will fill up the inside of the car, and this a health hazard to you and the occupants of the vehicle.

Bottom Line

Regular inspection and maintenance are vital to ensure your car systems are performing correctly. The exhaust system should be treated as a critical part of a car. The malfunctioning of this part can have detrimental effects on the other parts of the vehicle. Also, delay of instant repair will deteriorate the problem, and future maintenance will be costly.

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