Watch An F1 Race In Style In Singapore

Watch An F1 Race In Style In Singapore

If you’re an F1 fan, you’ve probably already ventured to a UK circuit to soak up some of the excitement that motorsport has to offer. If you’re hankering after a more exotic experience and you’re also thinking of booking a long haul holiday, why not combine the two with a trip to Singapore?

Why Singapore?

Singapore is a modern bustling and thriving city that has great transport, fantastic food and friendly locals. It’s one of the most enjoyable places in South East Asia, and besides that, if you’re an F1 fan it also has a Grand Prix that’s completely different to anything else in the F1 calendar: It’s run at night!

The Circuit

The race starts at 8PM so you get to witness the spectacle of the cars roaring around the track to a backdrop of floodlights and illuminated skyscrapers. The course is 61 laps in duration and encompasses some 5KM of public roads around the Marina Bay area of the city.

Spectate Like A Celebrity

If you’ve got the cash, you could do a lot worse than watching the race from the deck of a yacht in the harbour. There are plenty to choose from too, and if you can’t stretch to a massive superyacht, you’ll be able to find something more down to earth to sip your Singapore Sling on! Just make sure you’ve booked a tour in advance, this is the harbour’s busiest time of year by far.

Luxury Accommodation, Fantastic Food

When it comes to places to stay, Singapore has something for every budget. You can find simple family run guest houses, right up to a room in the famous colonial splendour of the Raffles Hotel. The food is fantastic too: Singapore is true melting pot of Asian cultures, and the food reflects this. You’ll find everything from noodles to seafood, and oyster omelettes to curry. It’s a vibrant, sophisticated place to stay.

Shop Until You Drop

Singapore’s boutiques are world class. From Louis Vuitton to Gucci, you’ll find everything here that you would in a major European capital. In addition, because Singapore is a technological giant, you’ll find hundreds of budget electronics stores and bargains galore

Party Through The Night

Singapore might be known as a conservative place, but you’d never know it when the lights fade and clubs begin to open. There’s something for every taste in the nightlife here, whether it’s live music, secluded wine bars or pulsing clubs, you’ll find something to suite your taste and style amongst the hundreds of options available.

If you’ve booked your holiday as one of the special F1 packages, you might be able to rub shoulders with the drivers themselves if your package includes includes VIP hospitality. Paddock parties centre around the Amber Lounge of the Conrad Centennial Hotel, and are specially set up for the event. They feature everything from relaxed cocktails to bespoke fashion events and entertainment.

Trips Further Afield

Singapore has excellent transport links and is considered a hub for the whole of Asia. If you’re planning the holiday of a lifetime, you could make the Singapore Grand Prix just one stop on a trip all around this wonderful corner of the globe.

By Harry Price

Harry Price is a freelance writer, personal trainer and professional traveller. His goal is to move to a different country every 2-3 years.

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