Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom

Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom

Many of us will probably have a bedroom that is full of rubbish. Not your usual rubbish either that is from empty packets of crisps and sweets. The type of rubbish that you need every day such as clothes as well as paperwork and books. 

Luckily enough for you, there are many ways that you can tidy your bedroom, such as storing all of your items in much better places to save space. Here are some of the best ways that you can declutter that messy bedroom of yours without spending too much money. 

Bedroom Shelves

This is an absolute no brainer and is something that everybody should have in their bedroom. The shelving in your bedroom does not necessarily need to be low either. It only needs to be around thirty centimetres below your ceiling. Shelving can be great for storing anything as well. Not to mention that it can also be good for decorative purposes. The best bit about this shelving? You do not need to spend too much money on it. If you have an old palette then make use of that. 

Binder Clips For Your Desk

Now we do not mean to be put onto your desk and add to the clutter that is already there. What we mean is to clip them onto your desk. The reason why you do this is so you can put your wires straight through them. That way, you will not have any wires laying around on the flood adding to the mess that is there.

We know how easily wires can get tangled together. Especially if you have an extension plug that is full of all your charger wires. It is a simple yet effective way to make sure that you get rid of the clutter on the floor. A great way to add personality to your bedroom

Crown Moulding For An Inventive Shoe Rack

There are not many people that will have a shoe rack in their household. This includes a shoe rack in thor bedroom as well. Many people have a bit of space at the bottom of their wardrobe and just throw them all down there. Doing this is not the best of moves because it can get your shoes mixed up. 

Another thing to mention is that you could damage your shoes doing this. A shoe rack is important so if you do not have one in your household already, then you need to invest in one for your bedroom. 

One of the best points to make about crown moulding is that it is difficult to see because it blends in with the wall. There are many places that you can get this from so browse shops online to see where you can find the cheapest. 

Headboard For Even More Bedroom Storage 

There are beds out there that do not have a headboard. As well as many that do have a headboard as well. However, if you are one of those people that does not have a headboard then, you should install some shelving behind your bed. It is a simple and effective method to give your bedroom a little more decoration.

This shelving can be used for numerous things as well. Books, clothes, shoes or even decorations can all be placed on this shelving. This is the perfect opportunity for those to adapt their bedroom into making sure that it is no longer more bed than a bedroom.

Frame For Your Bed

Are you one of those people that believes your bed is a little lower than the average bed? There are many beds out there that look like they are basically on the floor. Making you feel a little lower than usual. 

The best way to solve this issue is by installing more draw space in your bedroom. The best way to do this? Install drawers under your bed. Not only does this add a little more height to your bed but, it also adds more storage space. It is a win-win. 

Staircase Draws

Now you might be a little confused with this because you are taking even more space up off the floor. However, let us explain before you judge. What you will need to make is a DIY vertical storage rack. Up towards the ceiling of your bedroom. 

The next thing that you will need to make sure of is that the last three storage spaces at the bottom are set up like stairs, yet they can still store objects. That way, not only can you reach the top drawer but you are also able to store things in the little stair section. Maybe on a few of these shelves, you can have small jewellery holders that can store your vintage jewellery

To Conclude

There are numerous ways that you can make sure you can make use of all that space in your bedroom. Just make sure that you make use of all of the bedroom floor but not too much as you want to be able to move around your room. 

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