Ways To Prevent Neck Pain

Ways To Prevent Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by the simplest of things. A pain in the neck is normally caused by sprains and injuries to the tendons, ligaments and muscles in the upper part of the spine. Though, it can also be caused by a cervical stenosis or cervical herniated disc.
Ways To Prevent Neck Pain

There Are A Few Ways To Prevent Neck Pain:

  1. Always use a cervical pillow to sleep. These pillows helps to keep the neck aligned with the spine while you are lying down. Orthopedic or cervical pillows are created in such a way that it fills the spaces between the neck and under the head with deeper depressions where the head lies and offers extra support on the back of the neck.
  2. Try to sleep more on your back. This is the ideal position to sleep in order to make sure that the entire spine is resting comfortably. So, if you like to sleep on your side or on your stomach then it is important to make sure that the pillows that you use are flat or the best option is not to use any pillows at all. This in a way will prevent your head and neck from turning unnaturally to any side and will also prevent you from an injury or a neck sprain.
  3. If you work a lot on the computer, then it is important to position the screen at your eye level. The position of the computer screen will be such that when you gaze on it your eyes should be right in the middle of the screen. In case it is not, then try to use some books or anything else to raise the height of the computer screen. The main objective here is to make sure that your neck does not drift forward over your shoulders. Also, it is important to take some brief breaks every 30 minutes or 45 minutes.
  4. While using a telephone try to use a headset. It is not good when you hold the telephone between your ear and shoulder. The reason behind this is people often hold the phone incorrectly. So, it is often good for your health to use a headset and talk over the phone as it minimizes the risk of holding the phone in an incorrect way.
  5. Do regular exercises for your neck. This is important as by doing regular exercises it will keep your neck strong and flexible. This can be achieved by doing strengthening and stretching exercises on a regular basis. The most common and simple exercise is the chin tuck exercise. This is a form of exercise that can be practiced without any supervision and can also be practiced anywhere. This exercise will enable to strengthen the muscles that keep the head aligned over the shoulders.
  6. It is very important to remain hydrated all the time to have a healthy spine. This is essential as the water is the main component present in the discs between the spinal vertebrae. This can be achieved easily by drinking a lot of fluids throughout the day. This is enough o keep the discs hydrated and healthy and the lower back pain in check. Normally it takes at least 8 glasses of water in a day to achieve this.
  7. Keeping the right posture is essential to keep the neck healthy. An improper posture often leads to neck pains that are caused by spraining the muscles and the ligaments that supports the neck.
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