Wedding Flowers: Fun Themes, Colors, and Coordination

There are so many things to plan now, from choosing a wedding photographer to the what flavor of wedding cake, you’re sure to have your hands full. Here is one question to consider in a sea of what seems like never-ending choices–how do you pick the right flowers for the wedding? Here are a few things to consider when choosing which flowers will best accent your wedding. Keep in mind that flower selection should come down to fit your preferences. If you’re on a low budget, choose what flowers you want in your bouquet first. You don’t want to skip the bouquet!

Wedding Flowers: Fun Themes, Colors, and Coordination

What Season are you Getting Married in?

The seasonal climate has more to do with your wedding than you think. For example, if you’re having your wedding in the Winter where the climate is chilly, it’ll be hard to find Summer/Spring flowers such as Gardenias, Baby’s Breath, or Tulips. However, Winter flowers include Roses, Holly berries, Poinsettias, and more. Lavenders work well in the Winter, Spring, or Summer. Spring is the perfect time to present a colorful array of flowers.

Sticking with a color scheme for your flowers can help you navigate other wedding decisions like the dressing attire for your wedding party. Flip through some bridal magazines or websites focusing on seasonal weddings to get an idea of what flowers/colors you want to go for, which brings us to the next point.

If you are getting married in a specific climate and still want other seasonal flowers to be included, you can always go for silk flowers. These can be a perfect choice if you want to keep your wedding flowers for years to come.


Do you have a specific wedding theme in mind? Themes can be a fun way to tie the knot among family and friends. What are some popular themes and their colors?

• The Wizard of Oz- Dorothy’s ruby red slippers or the infamous “yellow brick road” can create a fun color theme of red and yellow. The Poppy field from the movie instantly gives you a flower type and you can create an array of colorful Poppies if you’d like to help your bouquet stand out.

• Princess theme- A princess themed wedding can be a magical experience for all guests. For example, a Cinderella wedding theme can go perfectly with light pink, light blue, yellow, or white flowers. For this theme, the combinations of pastels are endless

• Fall Harvest- Orange, red, and yellow represent the harvest season and, depending on where you live, the change of the leaves along with the bouquet can blend together nicely for outside pictures.

White flowers go with any season or theme. They are the perfect staple to bring out any color for a delicate look and feel. Your flowers should coordinate with the attire of the wedding party.

Have Fun!

This is a fun time to experiment with favorite colors/flowers. Look through tons of bridal magazines and webpages for ideas that appeal to you.


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